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FFF3.10 - MRS Materials Outreach for Rural Education: Hands-On Science to Excite Young Minds 
April 23, 2014   11:45am - 12:00pm

The vision of the Materials Research Society (MRS) is to provide a “framework in which the materials discipline can convene, collaborate, integrate, and advocate.” The Vanderbilt/Fisk Universities' Chapter of the MRS recently initiated a program to utilize our interdisciplinary group of scientists to bring hands-on science lessons to rural middle schools in the state of Tennessee and help integrate these students and teachers into the growing field of materials science. These schools are rarely, if ever, exposed to hands-on science lessons, much less the field of materials science. By using MRS student volunteers, we have been able to bring scientists from a variety of levels and fields to two rural middle schools to teach interactive lessons that adhere to the standards within the state. The volunteers have taught the middle school students directly and provided instruction to middle school science teachers on new hands-on lessons. To achieve our goal of bringing these lessons to isolated and currently inaccessible schools, we have collaborated with other organizations at Vanderbilt with experience bringing hands-on science to the schools around Vanderbilt which include Vanderbilt Students Volunteering for Science and Vanderbilt's NASA Aerospace team. These efforts have lead to the exposure of over 1000 rural Tennessee students to material scientists and their field.

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