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FFF2.05 - BREWing Up Ideas for Research-Based MSE Educational Activities 
April 22, 2014   4:00pm - 4:15pm

By integrating research and education, the University of Wisconsin Materials Research Science and Engineering Center’s (UW MRSEC) creates research-based materials science and engineering (MSE) educational resources and trains future MSE professionals to communicate science to the public. To further facilitate this component of its mission, the UW MRSEC has initiated a yearly Breakthrough Research and Education Workshop (B.R.E.W) that brings all members together to discuss the latest research highlights and brainstorms new ways to present the discoveries to public audiences. The education workshop section of the BREW has evolved over the two years of its existence to better meet the goals of 1) leveraging UW MRSEC members’ expertise to create new MSE educational resources and 2) helping graduate students, postdoctoral fellow members, and faculty translate their research for public consumption. In the first year, BREW participants brainstormed core ideas in MSE. Working in small groups, MRSEC students and faculty developed concepts for outreach activities to illustrate these core ideas. In the second year, the education workshop shifted its focus to UW MRSEC specific research. After the research presentations, BREW participants were divided into small groups led by one of the presenters. The small groups were tasked with articulating the main idea of the research presentation with a tabletop activity designed to illustrate the main research idea. The UW MRSEC Interdisciplinary Education Group (IEG) uses the ideas generated by the BREW to develop new MSE education activities inspired by UW MRSEC research. Students and faculty of the UW MRSEC also have the opportunity to give input on these activities, and to present them at science outreach events throughout Wisconsin. The cooperative and interdisciplinary nature of the workshop also builds community within the UW MRSEC. Examples of the tabletop activities generated as a result of the BREW will be shown as part of the presentation.

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