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FFF1.02 - Mentoring and Coaching Women and URMs in STEM Fields 
April 22, 2014   9:00am - 9:30am

The pressure of academic life often hinders our ability as faculty to constructively support students who may face increased challenges, may not have had equal opportunities to learn, or may not be perceived as competent within the “mainstream” scientific culture. Yet, experience shows that such students bring a fresh and innovative outlook to research projects that often lead to superior results and ultimately high level positions. The role that faculty play for such students, from providing research experience for high school and undergraduate students to mentoring graduate students and postdocs, is critical. This talk focuses on practical ways to develop an inclusive environment within one’s research group where different approaches are valued, to establish a critical mass for students of all backgrounds, and to openly discuss differences as a means to strengthen the team. It also illustrates the value of mentoring external students and having our own students mentored to become better coaches of our own groups. Finally, it re-emphasizes the need for all educators to engage the broadest segments of the population in STEM fields if the US is to remain competitive.

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