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EEE8.08 - Three-Dimensional Tomographic Characterization of Woven Ceramic Textile Composites Under In -Situ Loading at Ultrahigh Temperatures 
April 24, 2014   4:30pm - 4:45pm

Ceramic-matrix composites (CMC’s) are being developed for extreme service conditions at ultrahigh temperatures from 1200°-1600°C at loads and hostile environments well beyond the realm of current structural materials. Using various strategies and coatings with integral 3-D architectural design, woven CMCs make the development of such ultrahigh-temperature structures feasible. Fracture assessment and lifetime prediction presents a formidable challenge though as reliable mechanical data and damage characterization must be achieved in 3-D at high temperatures. Using a newly developed synchrotron x-ray micro-tomography facility to perform such characterization under tensile loading at temperatures approaching 2000°C (at spatial resolutions <1 micron), we report here the contrasting damage modes in a woven SiC-fiber/SiC-matrix composite under tensile load at 27° and 1750°C in both un-notched and notched samples. This ability to image complex 3-D materials undergoing failure at extreme temperatures opens new possibilities for evaluating ceramic textile materials in real time.

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