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EEE4.06 - Nanostructure of Metallic Particles in High Burn-Up Light Water Reactor Used Fuel 
April 23, 2014   10:30am - 10:45am

The extraordinary nano-structure of metallic particles in light water reactor fuels points to possible high reactivity through increased surface area and a high concentration of high energy defect sites. We have analyzed the metallic epsilon particles from a high burn-up fuel from a boiling water reactor using transmission electron microscopy and have observed a much finer nanostructure in these particles than has been reported previously. The individual round particles that vary in size between ~20 and ~50 nm appear to consist of individual crystallites on the order of 2-3 nm in diameter. It is thought that in-reactor irradiation induced the formation of the nano-structure. The composition of these metallic phases is variable yet the structure of the material is consistent with the hexagonal close packed structure of epsilon-ruthenium. These findings suggest that unusual catalytic behavior of these materials might be expected.

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