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EEE4.01 - On the Ihermodynamics and Radiation Effects on YSZ Nanocrystals 
April 23, 2014   8:15am - 8:45am

We present recent results on the effect of radiation on the structure and microstructure of nanocrystalline yttria stabilized zirconia (10SYZ). Dense samples of with grains at the nanoscale (25, 40, 100 nm) were prepared by spark plasma sintering and subjected to two studies: direct grain boundary energy measurement using differential scanning calorimetry, and ion irradiation to test overall structural radiation effects. After irradiation, evidences suggest the existence of an optimum gran size towards which all samples evolve to. The samples with small grain sizes (25 and 40 nm) showed growth while the larger (100 nm) showed a decrease in grain size as characterized by XRD and TEM. From the calorimetric studies we determined the total grain boundary energy of each sample and used the data to quantitatively hypothesize that the contribution from the point defect generation competes with the grain boundary energy, creating an energetic valley corresponding to the optimal grain size. The work suggested that doping the grain boundary to lower its energy can enable a control of the optimal size. We present preliminary data on lanthanum doped YSZ, showing a remarkable control of grain growth linked to the lowering of the grain boundary energy measured by calorimetry, suggesting La is a strong candidate for radiation studies.

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