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C14.02 - Design and Realization of Highly Efficient oPV Modules by Combining Sub-10 Micron Laser Patterning with High Precision Slot Die Coating 
April 25, 2014   10:45am - 11:00am

High resolution ultrafast laser patterning in combination with the formulation and reliability study of inks is crucial for developing stable and efficient large area slot die coated devices for organic photovoltaics. So far we demonstrated to be able to achieve high performance (PCE > 3%) large area (3500 mm2) slot die coated modules based on P3HT:PCBM absorber and transparent large area (3500 mm2) modules with transparency above 70%, opening the way to achieve high performance tandem devices and modules by successfully combining laser structuring and formulations aspects for the printed active layer.All this is enabled by being able to precisely control the film formation by tuning the solvent composition of the active layer solution. In this presentation we focus on investigating fundamental aspects of formulating semiconductor inks suitable for the large-scale production of high-efficient single junction and tandem devices and modules. These inks have to fulfill a dual purpose: on the one hand, film formation and relatively fast drying at temperatures < 100 C, and on the other hand, forming the right microstructure of polymer and acceptor in the active layer. To fulfill the need of high geometrical fill factors (GFF) and small dead area we will present our successful approach to ultrafast laser scribing: sub 10 micron resolution and high processing speeds (up to 4 m/s) lead to GFF higher than 90% on large area modules, confirming this method as the most promising way to achieve high throughput and roll to roll compatible organic photovoltaics production.

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