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BB6.02 - Disorder Induced Gap States at the High-k/III-V Interface 
April 23, 2014   1:45pm - 2:15pm

Frequency dispersion is a commonly observed feature in the experimental capacitance-voltage characteristics of III-V MOS devices. This characteristic has been reported on a wide variety of III-V substrates in conjunction with many different dielectrics. The conventional interface state capacitance model, which works extremely well for Si devices, does not accurately model the frequency dispersion observed in III-V systems. Different physical models have been developed to explain the origin of this frequency dispersion. One model, disorder induced gap states (DIGS), attributes this dispersion to the tunneling of carriers into a disordered region caused by oxidation of the III-V substrate. A separate model attributes this dispersion to border traps located inside and associated with the high-k dielectric. In this talk, electrical characterization, modeling and physical characterization is used to demonstrate that the observed frequency dispersion must be due to the disruption of the crystalline III-V semiconductor during oxide deposition and not due to border traps located in the high-k dielectric.Acknowledgments: The author acknowledges the SRC Global Research Collaboration, NSF ECCS-0925844, NSF ECCS-1039988, the SRC FCRP Center for Materials, Structures, and Devices, SEMATECH, and NIST for present and past support of this work. The work to be presented here was performed with numerous people including: C. L. Hinkle, R. M. Wallace, R. V. Galatage, A. Sonnet, B. Brennan, H. Dong, D. M. Zhernokletov, M. Milojevic, F. S. Aguirre-Tostado, S. Anwar and G. Bersuker

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