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A17.05 - Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon and Dopant Activation Using Xenon Flash-Lamp Annealing (FLA) 
April 25, 2014   9:30am - 9:45am

While low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) using Excimer Laser Annealing (ELA) has enabled higher levels of integration and device performance, the technology is not compatible with backplane manufacturing for large-format displays made on Gen8 - Gen12 glass panels. This provides the motivation to investigate alternative process techniques for silicon-based technology. Alternative strategies for LTPS include solid-phase crystallization (SPC), metallization-induced crystallization (MIC), and flash-lamp annealing (FLA). The FLA system used in this work is a NovaCentrix PulseForge 3300, which anneals the material using a series of short but intense bursts of broad spectrum light from xenon flash lamps. High peak power (e.g. 20kW) over microseconds time scale can provide control over the depth of heating to avoid damage when processing on substrates such as glass or plastic. The unit’s modular design allows multiple lamps to be ganged together to accommodate arbitrarily large substrates. The FLA process was investigated for the crystallization of a-Si deposited on display glass. Input factors to the FLA system included lamp intensity, pulse width, number of pulses and repetition rate. Additional factors included use of an anti-reflective SiO layer, and substrate heating (steady-state). The degree of crystallization was quantified by Raman Spectroscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry using an effective medium approximation. High-resolution SEM imaging was used to determine the average grain size. Different combinations of furnace annealing and FLA were studied for crystallization and activation of samples implanted with boron and phosphorus. Use of FLA for crystallization of MIC samples will also be presented.

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