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YY - Recognizing and Addressing "Big Data" Problems  
April 21, 2014   1:30pm - 5:00pm

The tutorial will focus on recognizing problems that are addressable by "big data" approaches, and how to access knowledge and resources to accomplish such approaches.

David Morgan will introduce the ways in which microscopists generally encounter "big data," and briefly discuss what must be done differently to handle such data. Most importantly, he will discuss how to recognize when your project can benefit from these different approaches.

Peter Wang will follow with an in-depth discussion of data management techniques using Python, providing practical examples of addressing the concerns that were identified in the first segment.

The tutorial will conclude with a panel discussion of available resources for accomplishing "big data" analyses: where to find computing resources, who to talk to, and how to express your need in terms that allow computer scientists to provide the best assistance.

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