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SS - Fundamentals of Nonclassical Crystallization  
April 21, 2014   1:30pm - 5:00pm

The basic concepts of nonclassical crystal growth and mesocrystal formation will be presented. Introductory topics, such as the thermodynamics of the crystal surface, crystallographic alignment, the role of crystalline defects (twinning, discordances), spontaneous particle alignment, and oriented attachment will be covered. Aspects about kinetic models to describe non-classical crystal growth will also be reviewed.

The fundamental techniques for detecting and characterizing nonclassical crystallization and crystal growth events will be covered. The application of transmission electron microscopy (TEM), especially cryo-TEM, high-resolution TEM, and fluid cell TEM, will be emphasized. Correlative techniques, such as X-ray diffraction and scattering as well as spectroscopic methods, will be covered in order to support scholars in research planning.

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