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Plenary Session: "A Day Made of Glass - Vision Becoming Reality"  
December 2, 2013   6:30pm - 7:30pm

"Launched in 2011, Corning’s Internet video series, A Day Made of Glass, portrays a vision of an inter-connected future: high bandwidth information delivery with touch-enabled, fixed and portable displays that would improve essentially every facet of how we live, work and play.
A Day Made of Glass stimulated an entire eco-system of high technology developers to begin collaborating on making this vision a reality.
Advances in technical glass are one of the key enablers of the vision in A Day Made of Glass – from high performance LCD display glass to super tough, thin, lightweight Corning® Gorilla® Glass and flexible Corning Willow™ Glass substrates to very high bandwidth and very low loss optical fibers and connectors for wire line and wireless applications. These developments, including novel materials modeling to the latest in optical fiber design, and their technical trajectories were discussed."

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