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Phonon Transport in an Initially Twisted Nanowire for Thermoelectric Applications 
May 13, 2013   11:00am - 11:30am
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Phonon transport in a low dimensional nanostructure has played a key role in determining the lattice thermal conductivity. It normally requires a material with the reduced phonon thermal conductivity to enhance the performance of thermoelectric materials. The incorporation of structure complexity and phonon engineering by varying mechanical stress can be employed to design a novel material with the favorable thermal conductivity. We consider an initially twisted nanowire made of a conductive polymer and investigate the influence of mechanical stress due to torsion on the phonon transport using the continuum approach. Phonon dispersion relation, phonon group velocity, and lattice thermal conductivity are computed to provide a complete picture of the transport mechanism. This study can suggest a phonon engineering approach to tune the conductivity of nanomaterials.

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