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Substrate Effect on the Wettability of Graphene 
May 8, 2013   2:00pm - 2:30pm

Experiments, molecular dynamics simulations, and theory demonstrate that the wettability of graphene coated substrate closely matches the wettability of graphite
  • Test samples: Mono-/bi-/tri-layered graphene sheets on Cu, SiO2, and glass
  • Test fluid: De-ionized water
  • Experimental observations:
    • MD and theoretical results agree with advancing contact angles measurements
    • Advancing contact angle represents the surface energy of graphene coatings
    • Large interlayer spacing responsible for negligible substrate effect on wettability

  • High contact angle hysteresis (16°−37°)
  • Advancing contact angle independent of number of graphene layers
  • Receding contact angle influenced by defects in graphene

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