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2013 MRS Fall Meeting
December 1, 2013 - December 6, 2013
503 Sessions, 5 Speakers
The 2013 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, MA hosted 52 technical symposia, an international exhibit and a variety of broader impacts events. Select presentations from this meeting were captured via MRS OnDemand – FREE OF CHARGE to the entire materials science community for a limited time.

To access any of the MRS OnDemand presentations, login at left with your MRS username and password or create a free account.
7 Sessions
The Materials Theory, David Turnbull Lectureship, MRS Medal and Von Hippel Awards were presented at the 2013 MRS Fall Meeting. The award recipients’ talks – along with two Kavli Lectures and the Plenary Address by David L. Morse of Corning Incorporated are presented here.
14 Sessions
The 2013 MRS Fall Meeting included a number of tutorial sessions on important topics in materials research. Select tutorial sessions are presented here.
Women in Materials Science and Engineering Breakfast: Strategies for a Professional STEM Career and Successful Personal
1 Session
Almost a decade ago, Linda Schadler was part of a team of women who wrote a book chapter for Success Strategies for Women in Science: A Portable Mentor, by Peggy Prichard. The working title for their chapter was “A Two Career Family—The Rules of the Game.” A kinder title was chosen, but this title captures the essence of how they thought about their message. At this early morning event, Linda Schadler provided some amusing anecdotes and thought-provoking comments on how you can’t have it all, but you can have a lot. She shared the experiences of the women in the book chapter and others she has known as they (and their partners) figured out how to have successful professional careers and personal lives. There was some emphasis on couples with children, but most of the messages apply to all—as we all have lives outside the workplace. She concluded by engaging the audience in some sharing of stories and constructive dialogue.
Career Paths in Materials Science
1 Session
This program was created with students in mind! Are you pursuing a degree in materials science but not yet exactly sure about your future career path? Tenured professor, laboratory researcher, industrial engineer, advocate, journalist—so many choices! Volunteers from MRS University Chapters pulled together a diverse panel of scientists who shared their insight about the role of materials science and engineering in their businesses, and addressed existing career opportunities at various degree levels. Panelists participated both live and by two-way virtual streaming. Students from around the world were able to view the session online and submit questions to the panel.
Exploration of the Impact of Materials on Society
1 Session
In this session, students investigated the availability and use of rare earth elements in materials science and their economic, societal and geopolitical impact. Following a brief presentation, on-site and virtual participants examined challenges and solutions from a variety of perspectives. Virtual participants submitted questions for real-time response.
Technology Innovation Forum: Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence
8 Sessions
The Sixth Technology Innovation Forum focused on Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence. Designed to provide a stage for innovators, industry leaders and venture capitalists to provide advice and discuss pressing issues in the materials industry, this year's Forum included a keynote talk and two sessions with invited speakers to discuss startup pathways, funding structures for capital intensive ventures and methods to successfully transition materials technologies from development to manufacturing.
Big and Open Data for Materials Research
1 Session
Big Data and Open Data are topics of increasing interest and discussion in the materials community. Advances in computational modeling are introducing a paradigm shift in how research is conducted and how data is analyzed and shared. Broad access to data holds the promise for advancing the speed to new discoveries. However, it also raises questions relating to quality, validation, reproducibility and intellectual property.
Building from a series of features in MRS Bulletin and Materials360® Online, this session sought to expand the community dialogue on Big and Open Data for Materials Research through a panel of experts with diverse perspectives:
Symposium A: Modeling and Theory-Driven Design of Soft Materials
1 Session
Symposium D: Engineering and Application of Bioinspired Structured Materials
1 Session
Symposium E: Fundamentals of Gels and Self-Assembled Polymer Systems
2 Sessions
Symposium F: Synthetic Tools for Understanding Biological Phenomena
2 Sessions
Symposium G: Integration of Biomaterials with Organic Electronics
13 Sessions
Symposium H: Advanced Composites and Structures for Tissue Engineering
26 Sessions
Symposium I: Multiscale Materials in the Study and Treatment of Cancer
19 Sessions
Symposium J: Materials for Neural Interfaces
17 Sessions
Symposium K: Micro- and Nanoscale Processing of Materials for Biomedical Devices
39 Sessions
Symposium M: Large-Area Processing and Patterning for Active Optical and Electronic Devices
23 Sessions
Symposium N: Functional Aspects of Luminescent and Photoactive Organic and Soft Materials
1 Session
Symposium O: Solution Processing of Inorganic and Hybrid Materials for Electronics and Photonics
29 Sessions
Symposium Q: Organic Microlasers–From Fundamentals to Device Application
8 Sessions
Symposium S: Diamond Electronics and Biotechnology–Fundamentals to Applications VII
11 Sessions
Symposium T: Compound Semiconductor Materials and Devices
20 Sessions
Symposium V: It’s Symposium V: Enabling Metamaterials–From Science to Innovation
30 Sessions
Symposium W: Next-Generation Inorganic Thin-Film Photovoltaics
21 Sessions
Symposium Y: Physics of Organic and Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Solar Cells
2 Sessions
Symposium DD: Materials and Technologies for Grid-Scale Energy Storage
10 Sessions
Symposium FF: Characterization of Energy Materials In-Situ and Operando
17 Sessions
Symposium Z: Sustainable Solar Energy Conversion Using Earth-Abundant Materials
2 Sessions
Symposium GG: Surface/Interface Characterization and Renewable Energy
23 Sessions
Symposium HH: Functional Surfaces/Interfaces for Controlling Wetting and Adhesion
2 Sessions
Symposium LL: Advances in Scanning Probe Microscopy
1 Session
Symposium MM: Neutron Scattering Studies of Advanced Materials
23 Sessions
Symposium OO: Solid-State Chemistry of Inorganic Materials
20 Sessions
Symposium QQ: Advances in Materials Science and Engineering Education and Outreach
15 Sessions
Symposium RR: Large-Area Graphene and Other 2D-Layered Materials–Synthesis, Properties and Applications
31 Sessions
Symposium SS: Nanowires and Nanotubes–Novel Materials, Advanced Heterostructures, Doping and Devices
27 Sessions
Symposium VV: Designed Cellular Materials–Synthesis, Modeling, Analysis and Applications
9 Sessions
Symposium XX: Microelectromechanical Systems–Materials and Devices
1 Session
Symposium YY: Elastic Strain Engineering for Unprecedented Materials Properties
14 Sessions
Symposium ZZ: Nanostructured Materials in Extreme Environments
11 Sessions

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