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2013 MRS Spring Meeting
April 1, 2013 - April 5, 2013
324 Sessions, 0 Speaker
The 2013 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco, CA hosted 56 technical sessions, an international exhibit, a variety of special events and tutorial sessions, and much more. Select presentations from this meeting were captured via MRS OnDemand – FREE OF CHARGE to the entire materials science community for a limited time.

To access any of the MRS OnDemand presentations, login at left with your MRS username and password or create a free account.

2013 MRS Spring Meeting 'Best Poster' Nominees
20 Sessions 18 speakers
Poster sessions are an integral part of any MRS meeting. During each poster session, a select number of posters are chosen as nominees for "Best Poster" awards during that session. Following the 2013 MRS Spring Meeting, the Best Poster nominees were invited to record short presentations regarding their poster.
4 Sessions
Several award recipients were honored at the 2013 MRS Spring. Their award presentation talks are below, along with the Plenary Address by Google’s Arun Majumdar and the Fred Kavli Distinguished Lectureship in Nanoscience.
Technology Innovation Forum
9 Sessions
The Fifth Technology Innovation Forum focused on Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence. Designed to provide a stage for innovators, industry leaders, and venture capitalists, this year’s forum included a key note talk and two sessions with invited speakers to discuss technology needs, market philosophies and funding processes.
7 Sessions
Student Energy Forum
8 Sessions
In this student-organized session, experts in energy issues from academia, industry and national laboratories gave presentations and engaged in discussions regarding the current energy market and potential technologies on the horizon.
Symposium D: From Molecules to Materials—Pathways to Artificial Photosynthesis
25 Sessions
Symposium E: Materials and Integration Challenges for Energy Generation and Storage in Mobile Electronic Devices
22 Sessions
Symposium H: Nanoscale Thermoelectrics—Materials and Transport Phenomena - II
22 Sessions
Symposium N: Nanomaterials in the Subnanometer-Size Range
6 Sessions
Symposium S: Nanostructured Metal Oxides for Advanced Applications
19 Sessions
Symposium T: Electrical Contacts to Nanomaterials and Nanodevices
18 Sessions
Symposium W: Piezoelectric Nanogenerators and Piezotronics
23 Sessions
Symposium BB: Evolutions in Planarization—Equipment, Materials, Techniques, and Applications
9 Sessions
Symposium DD: Emerging Materials and Devices for Future Nonvolatile Memories
26 Sessions
Symposium HH: Materials for High-Performance Photonics - II
12 Sessions
Symposium LL: Hybrid Inorganic-Biological Materials
15 Sessions
Symposium NN: Multifunctional Biomaterials
30 Sessions
Symposium PP: Adaptive Soft Matter through Molecular Networks
12 Sessions
Symposium RR: Lanthanide Nanomaterials for Imaging, Sensing, and Optoelectronics
11 Sessions
Symposium BBB: Size-Dependent and Coupled Properties of Materials
14 Sessions
Symposium CCC: Novel Functionality by Reversible Phase Transformation
14 Sessions
Symposium EEE: Materials Education—Toward a Lab-to-Classroom Initiative
18 Sessions

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