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Director of CME/CE
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2012 CIO CME Sampler
2012 ISET CME Library
Cracking The Code: Enhanced Methodologies For Sports Medicine Billing And Coding In Your Practice
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Anatomic Challenges in CCSVI
Best Medical Therapy versus Intracranial Stenting
CCSVI: Making Collaboration Work
Central Vein Stenosis: A Lesion-specific Approach
Chronic Messenteric Ischemia - A 28 Year Experience
Complication of Central Venous Access
Cost-effective Analysis in SFA Therapy: Who Should Get What? That is the Question!
Cracking the Code: Enhanced Methodologies For Sports Medicine Billing and Coding for Your Practice
CTA Evaluation of the Femoral and Iliac Arteries Pre-EVAR
Current Techniques for Transseptal Access
Dialysis Graft and Fistula Evaluation
Direct Sac Injection for Refractory Type I Endoleaks
Embolotherapy of Epistaxis
Endoleak Evaluation with Duplex: How Good is it and Can it Replace CT?
How to Approach an Acute Stroke Patient
Is One Vessel Intervention Enough in the Infrageniculate Territory of CLI?
Last Five: My Last Five Renal Ablations: What I Did and Why I Did It
Left Atrial Appendage Closure: Other Devices and Transpericardial
M and M
Management of Malignancy-Related Ascites: Tunneled Peritoneal Catheters and Denver Shunts
Management of Post-catheterization Vessel Injury: Pseudoaneurysms, AV Fistula, Closure Device Injury, DVT
Managing HIV In Special Populations
Metastatic Melanoma: TACE, Y90 and Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion
Microwave: A Burning Issue
Neuro Intervention Tools of the Trade
Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) Liver Mets: How I Treat
New Devices for Acute Stroke Intervention
Nonatherosclerotic Disease Identified on Carotid Duplex
Presentation Title: Carotid Duplex: Beyond Atherosclerosis
Off the Grid: IO Treatment in Organ We Do Not Usually Treat - How to Reach Hard To Reach Ablation Targets
Overview of Drug-Eluting Beads: What Beads? What Drugs? What Tumors?
Renal Artery Duplex: Diagnostic Criteria and Accuracy
SMA & Celiac Evaluation with Duplex: Diagnostic Criteria and Interpretation
Technique and Pitfalls of Intervention for CCSVI
Techniques and Pitfalls of RF Renal Denervation
Techniques for Pedal Access
The Value of Dual Anti-platelet Therapy After Endovascular Procedures: Results of a Randomized Trial
Ultrasound-enhanced Venous Lysis
Upper Extremity Access
Upper Extremity Arterial Evaluation
Vertebral Artery Stenosis: When and How to Treat
Which Asymptomatic Carotid Stenoses Should Be Treated?
Why EVAR Should Be the First Choice for AAA Therapy
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Nicos Labropoulos
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