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Master Educator Certification Requirements
  • I noticed that the titles of the webinars match the names of the in-person classes, why is that?
    In order to provide a more consistent and seamless experience, we have decided to modify the content and handouts typically delivered during an in-person class and mirror the key content highlights but in an online format.
  • I am working towards my Master Educator Certification. Will these webinars count towards the classes that I need?
    Yes, instructors will receive (1) class credit towards their Master Educator Certification upon completion of a Series. For example, if a series has (3) parts, then all parts have to be purchased and completed in order to ultimately receive (1) class credit for that particular class.
  • What happens if I already took one of the classes in person? May I still take the webinar(s)?
    Yes, we place the value itself on the instructor continuing to better themselves through professional development opportunities; therefore, we will grant credit for both an in-person version AND an online version of a particular class.
  • Do I still need to complete a select number of in-person classes to qualify for my Master Educator Certification?
    No, as of January 1, 2015, Milady no longer requires a minimum number of in-person classes for instructors to achieve their Level I or Level II Master Educator Certification.
  • What happened to the Online Faculty Development modules that were previously available?
    While we felt the content provided in those online modules was suitable for all instructor types, we decided to leverage our existing classes that are tailored more towards beauty and wellness instructors and offer a more affordable and flexible solution to fit their needs.
  • Do I still receive Master Educator Certification credit for the Online Faculty Development Modules previously completed?
    Yes, any Online Faculty Development modules previously completed will still stay in your records and count towards your Master Educator Certification requirements.
  • Once completed, will each webinar count toward my continuing education requirements set forth by our school's accrediting body?
    You are more than welcome to submit each Certificate of Completion received for the purpose of CEU approval. Accrediting bodies, such as NACCAS, may recognize these webinars as credit towards your annual requirements. We recommend you consult with any specific accrediting body prior to purchasing/completing a webinar to make sure they will recognize the hours you receive upon completion.
  • My state requires instructors to complete continuing education classes. Will these webinars fulfill my state's requirements?
    We recommend you contact your State Regulatory Board directly to see if completion of each webinar will qualify towards their hour requirements. We will continue to work on soliciting approvals proactively and will be updating the website shortly for those states that have already provided approval.
  • How many Continuing Education Units is each webinar worth?
    Each individual webinar completed qualifies you for one (1) hour of continuing education.
  • How do I receive my Certificate of Completion?
    In order to print out your Certificate of Completion you must complete an assessment exam based on the content learned during the webinar and achieve a score of 70% or better.
  • What happens if I do not pass the assessment exam the first time? How many times may I take it?
    Instructors can take the assessment exam multiple times until they achieve the necessary score of 70%.
  • I would like to purchase access for all of my instructors. How would I go about doing so?
    Each individual instructor must purchase webinar(s) for themselves and register accordingly. However, instructors can use their own credit card information, or that of their school owner, during the checkout process.
  • I work for a public school/institution and typically order via a Purchase Order. How may I purchase each webinar?
    At this time the system will not allow for access utilizing a purchase order, so please check with your school district or college to see how/if they provide any reimbursement for professional development purchases made by individual instructors.
  • How often will these webinars be released and made available to us?
    Our plan is to release a minimum of (12) webinars (within a total of 4 Series) every calendar year, thus meeting the majority of annual accrediting body requirements as well as individual state regulatory board requirements for continuing education.
  • How do I know which classes I have taken so far?
    Please e-mail the Milady Team directly ( and provide your full name and your school name with your request for a list of Master Educator classes you have completed to date. Be sure to include all schools that you may have taught at as well as any variation of your name that could be in our system (i.e. Katherine, Kathy, Kat) or your maiden/married name.
  • How long is my access to each webinar good for?
    Upon purchasing, you will have unlimited access to your designated webinar(s).