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  • iGaming Congress conference sessions streamed live Monday, October 1
  • iGaming Conference track sessions streamed live Tuesday, October 2 and Wednesday, October 3

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Learn how iGaming will impact you and how to prepare and succeed as our industry experiences the convergence of land based casinos with online gaming. The insights and information will not only help your your business, but your career in today’s ever changing gaming industry.

More About the iGaming Congress and the iGaming Conference Track at G2E

  • The iGaming Congress at G2E, produced in conjuction with iGaming Business, takes place on Monday, October 1. The Internet has been a game-changer for our industry. This one day conference will address the potential impact of Internet gambling legalization in the US, and advise the gaming market on how to react to the changing face of the industry and take advantage of new opportunities. This information packed program will appeal to existing offshore Internet gambling operators, as well as commercial casinos, Native American casinos, manufacturers and more.
  • The iGaming Conference Track at G2E, produced in conjuction with iGaming Business, takes place on Tuesday, October 2 & Wednesday, October 3. This track is designed to provide an overview of internet gambling operations and regulations around the world, as well as in-depth session intended to prepare the U.S. market for business in advance of legalization.