Hugh Lee

Hugh K. Lee


Fusion Productions

Along with Disney, Hugh is the co-founder of the digitalNow Summit - a senior executive-only event designed to assist associations to lead their professions and industry in the digital age. This nationally recognized event is limited to 250 attendees and has sold out for the past eleven years. This high-level event has attracted speakers such as Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, as well as Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. Hugh is also a 2002 Convention Industry Council Hall of Leaders Inductee. The Hall of Leaders award is the premier recognition program in the meetings, conventions, exhibitions, hospitality and travel industry - our industry's "lifetime achievement award." The award recognizes outstanding leaders who have undoubtedly shaped the industry. The defining quality among these leaders is that the industry would not be what it is today without their vision. Hugh also served as volunteer leader/researcher for the American Society Association Executives’ groundbreaking study “Seven Measures” which explored what makes good associations great. This 3-year project with Jim Collins required an extended 2-year volunteer commitment. The project resulted in the book, 7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don't. Hugh has made significant contributions to industry education and promotion. Anticipating the coming of turbulent global/economic times, the immediate effect of multi-generational differences, and the effect of technology on industry, Hugh has continued to lead leaders through innovation, collaboration and technology. He speaks at industry and professional events about current trends and the power of mobile tools to build brand and reach new members and the younger generation while decreasing transaction costs. From 2004-2005, Hugh served as Chairman of the Board for Meeting Professionals International. In this role, he advanced the profession’s need to expand globally, embrace new technology, enhance senior-level education and understand that the importance of ROI and procurement would increase. Hugh has continued to participate where appropriate in industry-lead functions such as an ASAE Fellows, PCMA Thought Leaders, MPI Reinventing Chapter Relationships projects, and speaking to many regional and local groups such as Empire State ASAE (ESSAE) and MPI chapters.