digitalNow 2013: The Big Bang - Come experience the new association universe

explore, extend, expand: the new association universe

In the 21st Century, associations can't afford to regard sophistication in technology as a burden or simply as a strategic obligation. In this new universe associations must continually explore the available tools and knowledge in order to understand not only what they offer, but also how they may impact the organization.

Only once that understanding is reached can you then extend the new knowledge and assess the shifts in revenue, governance, membership models, and volunteer engagement it has the potential to generate.

As you rise to meet the challenges and take advantage of the benefits facilitated by these constant shifts, you are prepared to lead your association to expand, thereby increasing its capacity for engaging membership, revenue, and growth - and ensuring its future.

The new universe includes technologies and practices such as cloud computing, social media, mobile, open source content creation and curation – the list goes on and is growing by the day. Member expectations of granular customization and interconnectivity between work, home, and play together with faster more robust devices and innovations in interoperability are obliterating the boundaries as we’ve known them.

The forces are approaching at warp speed and it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict their trajectory. The question is no longer one of how we manage change; in the new association universe, leaders must ask how they can cultivate a culture that explores leadership applications of new technology with alacrity, extends new knowledge and innovations in practice and models, and finally, confidently expands the reach, relevancy, profitability and power of their association.

Don’t let your members - and your association - get sucked into the black hole of formless content and media created by countless and unverified “makers” from around the globe. digitalNow provides you the energy you need to catapult your association into this exciting new universe, leaving the competition in the cosmic dust.

Explore the possibilities. Extend your value. Expand your association into bold new territory. Experience your Big Bang at digitalNow 2013.

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