digitalNow 2012: Enter the Impact Zone
Enter... The Impact Zone

Select Sessions from digitalNow 2012: April 25-28

digitalNow is an annual executive summit, which brings together CEOs and volunteer leaders from some of the most influential professional, non-profit, and trade associations in America.

Digitell Inc. is a Digital Multimedia Development company specializing in assisting organizations in leveraging their educational content.

These two leaders in organizational education have come together to offer you a unique learning opportunity: To watch select digitalNow 2012 sessions, streamed live to your computer or mobile device.

A Special Message from Opening Keynote Geoffrey Moore

The digitalNow Journey

At digitalNow 2010 we Inspected, Integrated, and Innovated as we celebrated 10 years of community.

In 2011, our focus was on The Many Faces of Mobile as we brought people and technology together in powerful new ways.

Now, in 2012, it’s time to put it all together. It’s time to enter... The Impact Zone.

What is the Impact Zone?

The Impact Zone is not only the place of greatest challenge, but also of greatest opportunity. It is the point at which you must quickly assess the environment and respond with confidence and power – drawing from your character, skills, and rigorously trained senses.

As your association is poised on the cusp of a crucial wave headed into an uncertain future, consider the factors that you must quickly assess and activate:

  • How are the major trends of the world affecting your constituents and their work environments?
  • What is your capacity to identify, develop, and deliver true meaningful value that creates member loyalty in this environment?
  • What is the ability of leadership, staff, and governance to deliver meaningful value with the nimbleness (speed and ability to change) required?
  • Where are your technology architecture and infrastructure for the value proposition of “trusted source” for content, connections, data, and people?

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