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2013 Design-Build for Water/Wastewater
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2014 Design-Build for Water/Wastewater
2014 Design-Build in Transportation
2015 Design-Build Conference & Expo
2015 Design-Build for Water/Wastewater
2015 Design-Build in Transportation
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2016 Design-Build for Water/Wastewater
2016 Design-Build in Transportation
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2017 Design-Build in Transportation
Design-Build Webinars
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"Design-Build Done Right!" Primer
"Proposed Solution does not equal Problem Solved" - Problem-Based Contracting
"Thorns & Roses: LEED Challenges & Rewards on a Historical Building"
A Blended Team Approach to Re-Powering LAX (Intermediate)
A Case Study in Partnering: A Medium-Sized Utility's First Adventure with Design-Build
A Case Study of Terminal 3/Boarding Area E at the San Francisco International Airport (Intermediate)
A Procurement Guide for Progressive Design-Build Water Projects
A Seafaring City Charts a New Infrastructure Course: Design/Build of Water Treatment Facilities in Newport, RI
Achieving Project Goals through Stringent Selection Criteria: Utah's Success Story
Adaptive Intelligence and Integrative Thinking: Critical Design-Build Skills
Advancing the Design While Avoiding Misunderstandings on Design-Build Projects
Afternoon Presentation - DBIA Best Practices for Water & Transportation
Afternoon Presentation - DBIA Best Practices for Water and Transportation
Afternoon Presentation - Public Private Partnerships
Afternoon Presentation - Public Private Partnerships
Airport Terminal Design Excellence through Design-Build: Terminal A & B at the San Jose International Airport (Intermediate)
Alaska Airlines LAX Terminal 6: Rehabilitation/Renovation/Restoration - Design-Build Honor Award
Alternate Delivery for Utilities: A User's Guide
Alternative Technical Concepts
An Integrated Approach to Solving Water and Wastewater Needs for Two Communities
An Owner's Perspective in Contract Compliance and Construction Oversight in Progressive Design-Build
Application of Lean Tools in Design-Build
Applying Business Procedures to Evaluate Public-Private Partnership Projects: Comprehensive and Detailed Procedures for Implementation and ROI
Aqua Ohio's First Design-Build: Lessons Learned in Commissioning New Pretreatment Facilities
Architects Confront Challenges of Design-Build Contracting
Attention! Army Corps of Engineers Fast Tracks a New Wastewater Facility
Availability Payment P3s: Owner, Equity and Design-Builder Perspectives
Avoiding Crisis: How Design-Build Principles Saved a Complex Urban Cancer Center Project
Balancing RFP Requirements Wants and Needs
Best Practices in Sub-contracting to SBEs on Design-Build Projects
Big Opportunities in Small D-B Packages: Successes and Challenges in Two States
BIM Advancements: Demonstrating BIM Success Factors Across the Project Lifecycle
BIM for Design-Build Projects: Successful Implementation for the Project Team and Owner
Bottling Lightning: How Trust, Creativity & Collaboration Drive Innovation
Bring on the Retrofit, Venice Chooses Progressive Design Build to Lower Risk
Building an Enterprise Risk Management Program: Correlating Strategic Vision to Project Execution (Intermediate)
Capturing Innovation in Design-Build and P3 Procurement Processes: A Review of Successes to Date and Discussion of Optimization
CDOT US 6 Bridges Design-Build - Project Lifecycle Integration and Innovation
Challenge Driven Design-Build: Delivering Results Beyond Expectations
Choosing a Project Delivery Method: An Interactive Discussion
Choosing a Project Delivery System: Update
Choosing Alternative Delivery on the SFPUC's $6.9B Sewer System Improvement Program
Cincinnati Saves: Reducing Tunnel Project Cost by Over 20% Using Design-Build
City of Winnipeg's North End Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade
City of Winnipeg's North End Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade
Closing General Session - Owner Panel: Exploration of Furture Projects
Closing General Session - Owners & Practitioners: Finding a Common Ground
Closing General Session - Post Award Owner Panel
Closing General Session: Constructing the Future: The Progression of Design-Build Innovation Past, Present and Future
Closing General Session: Demand for Design-Build in the Water/Wastewater Sector
Closing General Session: Denver - A Great City Imagined and Realized
Closing General Session: George Hawkins, General Manager, DC Water
Collaborating for Success During the Design-Build Procurement
Collaborative Delivery Gone Bad
Collaborative Partnering: The Art and Science of Structured Collaboration
Common Pitfalls in Solicitations: An Owner's Roadmap to Design-Build Success
Complete Streets on Completely Small Design-Build Projects
Construction of a Grade-Separated-Interchange in 8 Weeks: Success through Extreme Partnership
Construction Phase QA/QC: What is the Best Method for My Project? (Advanced)
Contractor (Private) Financing for Municipal Water and Wastewater Facilities: Key Issues
Contractor-Designer - How is the Working Relationship in Mega Aviation Projects Different?
Creative Contracting Strategy Delivers Utah's Newest Biosolids Cogen Facility Using Progressive Design-Build
Culture is King to Achieve Optimized Design-Build Results
DBIA AMS Rollout: Region Administrator Training
DBIA AMS Rollout: Region Administrator Training
DBIA AMS Rollout: Region Administrator Training
DBIA Contract Documents
DBIA Contract Focus on The Prime Relationship: Communication Between the Owner and Design-Builder
DBIA Contract Focus on the Procurement Process: How the Owner and Design-Build Team Can Create a Successful Project before the Project Starts
DBIA Contract Focus on the Sub-Prime Relationship: How the Design-Build Team Can Make or Break the Project
DBIA Contract Focus: The RFQ/RFP: The Owner's Considerations
DBIA Launches New Teaming and Subconsultant Agreements
DBIA National Headquarters
DBIA's Best Practices in Design-Build are Effective in FDOT Projects
DBIA's New Form Request for Qualifications and Request for Proposals
DBO Pilot Plant Provides Foundation for $2 Billion Full-Scale Plant Upgrade
DBOM in Detroit for North America's Largest Biosolids Drying Facility
DDOT's South Capitol Street Corridor/Frederick Douglas Memorial Bridge Design Build Project Overview
Defining Owners BIM Needs through Turnover Management
Delivering an Award Winning Design-Build Project Despite a Prescriptive RFP - The Indian Head STP Story (Intermediate)
Delivering and Collaborating for New York State DOT's Kosciuszko Bridge Project
Denver Public Schools Downtown Campus - Winning with Budget, Schedule, and Quality
Design Build at San Francisco International Airport, as Part of a Collaborative Project Delivery Process
Design Build Done Right - A Tale of Two Projects
Design Build RFPs - Acquiring Desired Results
Design Excellence in Collaborative Design-Build
Design Excellence through Design-Build and Other Integrated Project Deliveries
Design Management - Construction Trade
Design Management - Designers
Design Management - Owners
Design Management Guide for the Design-Build Environment
Design Management in the Design Build Environment
Design of a Grade Separated Intersection with Only 103 Days of Construction
Design-Build at Sonic Speed While Ensuring Best Value Assets
Design-Build Best Practices
Design-Build Best Practices for Environmental, MOT, Utilities, ATCs, and Right of Way
Design-Build Best Practices for the Transportation Industry
Design-Build Best Practices for Transportation Session #1
Design-Build Best Practices for Transportation Session #2 Workshop Discussion on Environemental, Utility and Right of Way
Design-Build Collaboration Makes California Hospital a Simple Success
Design-Build Delivery Aids Regulatory Compliance on a Remote Pacific Island (Intermediate)
Design-Build Delivery Proven the Best Solution for Hopewell and Chesapeake Bay
Design-Build Done Best: How Collaborative Partnering Helps Design-Build Become Extraordinary
Design-Build Environmental Management - Planning for Success, Prepared for Disaster
Design-Build Excellence: A Case Study on Humanities Gateway at the University of California, Irvine
Design-Build for a Smaller School Project: Case Study & Lessons Learned
Design-Build for the Small Federal-Aid Highway Project
Design-Build Form Contracts: A Comparison of the DBIA, AIA, EJCDC, and Consensus Docs Forms
Design-Build in Coal Country: Coal Synergy and VDOT's 460 Connector Phase II
Design-Build in Energy Performance Contracting and Distributed Generation
Design-Build Lessons Learned: The Latest in Design-Build Caselaw
Design-Build RFQ & RFP Essentials
Design-Build, What Do You Really Want? An Interactive Focus Group and Discussion
Design-Build: Educational Market Teamwork from Concept through the First Day of Classes
Designer/Builder Collaboration at its Best: DC Water's Deep Tunnel Pumping Station
Developing Acquisition Strategies
Developing Model Procurement Documents for Progressive Design-Build Projects
Developing Procurement Documents for Progressive Design-Build Projects
Differentiating in a Crowded Project Pursuit
Do's and Don'ts of an Owner's Advisor in Design-Build Projects
Driving Value in a P3 Procurement: Perspectives from Design-Build
Effective Implementation of Fixed Price/Best Value Procurement's (Intermediate)
Effective Practices for Geotechnical and Foundations Engineering in Design-Build
Efficient Governmental Procurement of Design-Build Projects: A TxDOT Case Study
Encouraging Geotechnical Innovation in Design-Build Procurement
Evaluating Design-Build Options for San Jose's $300M Biosolids Upgrade (Intermediate)
Evolution of Design-Build Procurement in Texas: Evaluation, Selection, and Budget
Evolution of the City of Kansas City, MO: Design-Build for Our $2-$4 Million Projects
Expo Line, Phase 2 (LRT): Experience, Partnership, and Perseverance Drive Success
Express Design-Build - Innovation Out of Necessity by NCDOT (Advanced)
Fast Forward Right of Way: Smooth Acceleration through Design-Build Delivery (Intermediate)
Fast Track Relief to Midland's Emergency Thirst (Advanced)
Fast-Track Progressive Design-Build: Carlsbad WRF Produces an Immediate Drought Solution
Federal Sector Best Practices & Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Cross Reference
Financing High Speed Rail
Five Years After Texas APD Legislation - Where Are We Now and What Did We Learn?
FOG Receiving Facility at Encina Wastewater Authority: An Owner's First Design-Build Experience
From Construction to Production: How Modular Innovators are Revolutionizing Project Design and Delivery
General Session - California High Speed Rail
General Session - Finding Common Ground through Design-Build Best Practices
General Session: A Study of Cost, Benefits and Risk Associated with Alternative Contracting
General Session: Best Practices for Design-Build Panel
General Session: Best Practices Market Sector Reveal
General Session: Carlton Ray, Director, Clean Rivers Project, DC Water
General Session: Design-Build Done Right
General Session: Design-Build Done Right - Are All Market Sectors the Same?
General Session: Edward E. Belk, Jr., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
General Session: How Owners Decide When to Use Design-Build Contracting for Their Water/Wastewater Projects
General Session: How Port Agencies are Using Public-Private Partnerships to Prepare for the Future
General Session: Industry Leaders Discuss State of the Union
General Session: Maximizing Success on Integrated Projects: An Owner's Guide
General Session: Opportunities for Design-Build Nationwide - Roads & Highways
General Session: Owner Panel
General Session: Owners Panel: The Challenges of Implementing a Successful Design-Build Program
General Session: Past, Present, and Future - The DOT Experience
General Session: Progressive Design-Build for Transportation Projects
General Session: Reading the Tea Leaves - Adjust, Adapt, Act
General Session: Research and Trends: Advancing Efficiency and Innovation in Design & Construction
General Session: Scott Humrickhouse, Managing Director, FMI Corporation
General Session: Shaping the Future: The Impact of New Technology on Our Transportation Systems
General Session: Successful Implementation of Lean Design-Build
General Session: The Future of Infrastructure and Design-Build (Open to both Transportation & Water/Wastewater Attendees)
General Session: The Future of Infrastructure and Design-Build (Open to Both Transportation & Water/Wastewater Attendees)
General Session: The Next Generation Transportation Bill. A 360 Perspective
General Session: The Role of an Owner's Representative
General Session: The Role of an Owner's Representative
General Session: The Role of the General Contractor
General Session: Why Owners Choose Design-Build
Generating Value through Integrated Engagement
Getting it All: Design Excellence, Cost, Schedule & Innovation in Design-Build Delivery
Got Design-Build Credentials?
Grabbing the Bull by the Horns: Darigold's Successful Employment of Design-Build Delivery
Green BIM Meets Design-Build
Greening GSA's Portfolio: Aggressive Sustainability Targets Met Through Design Build Project Delivery
Growth Through a Design-Build-Finance Partnership: San Antonio River Authority's Graytown Road Wastewater Collection System
Has the Cost of Participating in Best Value Selection Processes Made Your Business Model Un-Sustainable?
Houston Light Rail Phase 2 (Intermediate)
How a Multi-Jurisdictional Partnership Financed a Design Build Project
How Does an Owner Implement Lean Design-Build?
How Fast is Too Fast?
How FDOT Successfully Implements Public-Private Partnerships: I-595 ad Port of Miami Projects
How FDOT Uses Best Practices to Identify and Promote P3 to Advance Projects of Significance
How Small is Too Small for Design-Build?
How the Alternative Technical Concept Proces Enhances Design-Build
How to Choose a Delivery Method
How to Choose Your Dance Partner Design-Build Contractor Selection Lessons Learned
How to Deliver a LEED Certified MOB in Eight Months or Less
How to Maximize Value Through Contractor Defined Additional Requested Elements
I Can't Get No (Dis)satisfaction! - Addressing Owner's Qualms About Design
I-25 Paseo Del Norte Interchange - Delivery Beyond Expectations
I-85 Widening in North Carolina, a Perspective from Owner, Design-Builder, and Designer
Impediments Experienced in Using Design-Build/CMAR Delivery for Water and Wastewater Projects (Intermediate)
Implementing Design-Build Legislation in the Buckeye State
Implementing the Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion Project Using a Split Delivery Method
Improving Performance Requirements for RFPs Using LEAN Process Mapping - Owner's Perspective
Incentive & Performance Based New Wastewater System for the City of Liberty
Innovation Personified: I-485/I-85 "Turbine" Interchange Design-Build
Innovations In Design-Build - The TxDOT Experience (Advanced)
Innovative Applications of Integrated Delivery for High Performance Buildings
Innovative Delivery Model Expedites Largest Brackish Groundwater Inland Desalination Program
Innovative Design-Build Procurement Approach for a Large Wastewater Treatment Facility (Intermediate)
Innovative MOT Strategies
Innovative Tools to Win and Deliver a Design-Build Project
Integrated Target Budget Design-Build Delivery
Integration of Virtual Design and Construction - The Convergence of Technology and Process
International Perspectives for Alternative Delivery of Water Projects in the U.S.
Is Perfection Possible? Managing Uncertainty and Expectations in Building Design and Construction
Joint Networking Presentation: Michael Loulakis, Esq., DBIA
Joint Networking Presentation: Michael Loulakis, Esq., DBIA
JTA Uses P3/Design-Build Project Delivery to Reduce Air Pollution while Saving Fuel
Key Findings from Nevada Department of Transportation Pioneer Program: Effective Use of Alternative Procurement Methods
LARGE Design Build for the First Time
Leading Ladies: How to Accelerate Design-Build Leadership Traits Within Your Organization
Lessons Learned from Alameda County Water District's First-time Administration of Design-Build Projects (Intermediate)
Lessons Learned From an Owner New to Design-Build: The Perchlorate Treatment Design-Build (AEP-3) Project for the City of Ponoma, California
Lessons Learned from the Courtroom: 2012 Design-Build Caselaw Summary
Leveraging U.S Army Corps of Engineers Design-Build Experience to Solicit a $90M Wastewater Treatment Plant in One Year (Intermediate)
Lions Gate Secondary Wastewater Treatment PlantSelecting a Design-Build Approach
Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project - A Bi-State Alternative Delivery Project
Lump Sum Procurement that Promotes Innovation and Meets Client Objectives (Advanced)
LYNX Used Progressive Design-Build Successfully on their BRT LYMMO Expansion Projects
Making Good Projects Better: Value Engineering and the Power of Innovation (Intermediate)
Making the Design-Build Choice - Key Considerations
Managing Design for Left Hand Water District's Dodd WTP Upgrade
Managing the Design-Development Process on Design-Build Projects to Maximize Satisfaction with the Completed Project and Minimize Disputes
Maximizing Innovation and Minimizing Interruption Using Design-Build for Major Cogen System Upgrade
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District's Approach to Selecting and Implementing a Progressive Design-Build Delivery for the Northern Treatment Plant Facilities
MIA Mover APM System: A DBOM Delivery Project
Mind Your RFP's and RFQ's: Case Studies in Recent Design-Build Award Protests
Navigating the Challenges of Implementing a Complex Cogeneration Upgrade using a Traditional Design-Build Approach (Intermediate)
Navigating the Challenges of Innovative Technologies on Design-Build Projects
Never Give Up! Strategies for Overcoming Project Delivery Challenges and Roadblocks
New Bloomberg Water Treatment Plant
New Oakville Hospital P3 Experience
New Risk Management Tools for Accelerated Delivery of Transportation Projects
New Standard Form of RFQ and RFP: Rollout and Review
New Standard Form of RFQ and RFP: Rollout and Review
New Standard Form of RFQ and RFP: Rollout and Review
New to Design-Build: How the City of Annapolis Selected a Design-Builder for Their New Water Treatment Plant
Not a Drop to Waste: Design-Build Delivery Success at Fort Irwin
Occupancy in 26 Weeks: Lenovo's Hyper-Tracked Project
ODOT I-71/I-670 Interchange - Columbus Crossroads Project Case Study
OFCCP Announces Final Regulations
Ohio River Bridge Downtown Crossing Case Study: Who's on First? (Intermediate)
One Owner, Two Similar Projects: Two Different Design-Build Methods
Opening Keynote
Opening Keynote: Carlos Rubinstein, Chairman, Texas Water Development Board
Opening Keynote: Denise Nelson, P.E., ENV SP, LEED AP, Vice President for Public Education, Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure
Opening Keynote: How Charlotte Water Uses Design-Build Delivery - Past, Present and Future
Opening Keynote: Tony Parrot, Executive Director, Municipal Sewerage District of Greater Cincinnati
Opening Keynote: With Gary Golden
Outcome-Based Contracting and Design-Build: Using "Performance-Based" Design-build for Municipal Facilities
Overcoming Critical Design/Construction Challenges for a Successful Project
Overland Bridge - Utilizing Innovation in Adjusted Score Based Design-Build Selection to Achieve Best Value
Overseeing the Eagle P3 Project
Oversight Best Practices: The I-35E Project Team: Part 1
Oversight Best Practices: The I-35E Project Team: Part 2
Owner and Design-Builder Responsibility and Liability for Design and Construction Defects
P3 Basics in Design-Build Projects
P3 Post-Award Practices: P3 Agreement Administration and Insurance
P3s in the Water and Wastewater Market
Paradise Restored: Design-Build-Operate in Islamorada, Florida
Partnering to Promote Best Design-Build Practices: The Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility
Peer Reviewers: An Integrated Member of the Team or a Necessary Annoyance?
Performance Based Infrastructure & the Design-Build Process: Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse Long Beach, California
Performance Specifications for Rapid Renewal Highway Projects
Piloting Design-Build Sewer Rehabilitation in Advance of a $1 Billion Program
Pima County Rides CMAR to Project Success at Tres Rios WRF
Pima County's Rocky Road Towards DBFOO Project Success (Intermediate)
Pioneering Alternative Project Delivery in Ohio
Pioneering the Wyoming Frontier: The First Design-Build Project for the Wyoming Military Department
Planning and Scheduling for Success on Design-Build Transportation Projects
Port Mann Bridge/Highway 1 Improvement Project Freeway Construction: Traffic Management and Detours
Post-Award for Owners
Potential Best Practices in Design-Build Environmental Planning and Permitting (Intermediate)
Practitioner's Session: Thirty Years of Design-Build: A Legislative Perspective
Practitioner's Forum
Practitioners Session: What it Means to be a Design-Build Firm in the Water Market - Successfully Winning and Negotiating a Contract!
Practitioners' Session
Practitioners' Session: Current Trends in Design-Build - Wearing Different Hats
Practitioners' Session: Design-Build Best Practices and Hot Topics
Practitioners' Session: What's New with WIFIA - An Overview and Update
Practitioners' Forum: What Can We Do for You? A Discussion with DBIA Leadership
Practitioners' Forum: What Can We Do for You? A Discussion with DBIA Leadership
Preparing for Design-Build - A Project Manager's Approach
Preparing for Procuring and Executing a Design-Build Project: An Owner's Introduction
Prescriptive Design-Build: Yes? No? Maybe So! Prescriptive Approach Meets DC Water's Needs for Design-Build Success
Procurement Best Practices Facilitated Accelerated Bridge Construction to Maximize Project Value
Procuring and Implementing Design-Build - Hillsborough County's "Real-Time" Experience
Procuring Design-Build for Houston's Northeast Water Purification Plant
Professional Engineering in the Design-Build and Private Partnership Market
Progressive Design Build - Project Delivery Doesn't Get Much Better (Intermediate)
Progressive Design-Build Delivery of Sustainable Revenue from Wastewater
Progressive Design-Build for BRWA - Fresh Insights from the Owner
Progressive Design-Build Gives Life to Complicated Sustainability Project
Progressive Design-Build in NC: Doing it Right the First Time
Progressive Design-Build in Parker, Colorado
Progressive Design-Build Primer: What it is and What it Can Achieve
Progressive Design-Build Primer: What it is and What it Can Achieve
Progressive Design-Build Primer: What it is and What it Can Achieve
Progressive Design-Build Restores Reliability to a Critical NEORSD Pump Station (Intermediate)
Progressive Design-Build Saves the Day and Millions (Intermediate)
Progressive Design-Build: Examining the Structure, Procurement and Contracting Principles
Progressive Design-Build: Examining the Structure, Procurement and Contracting Principles
Project-Delivery Methods: The Risk and Insurance Impacts
Pros/Cons of Completing Treatment Plant Projects without Full Plans and Specifications
Providing the Best Value for the Westerly Biosolids Design Build Project
Public-Private Partnerships: Design-Build Evolution or Revolution?
Public/Private Partnerships for Design Builders - Project Structures and Financing
Pushing Net-Zero-Energy-Ready Design and Construction for a Military Barracks
Readying the Organization for Design-Build - Hillsborough County's "Real-Time" Experience
Repeated Success: The Crate & Barrel Project Delivery Model
Replacing Bridges in Small Town America - A Case for Design-Build (Intermediate)
Restoring History: The Design-Build Rehabilitation of Murray Morgan Bridge
Review of DOT Implementation of Design-Build Delivery
Role of the Owner's' Representative / Advisor in Design-Build
Route 364 Phase 3 - The 20 Year Dream
ROW Acquisition Best Practices: Lessons Learned from Grand Parkway SH 99 Project
Running A Design-Build Business: Profit, Risk & Leadership
Saint Paul's Union Depot: Utilizing Design-Build to Transform a Historic Train Depot into a Multimodal Destination
Scope Differences in Design-Build Delivery and Who Has it Covered?
Selecting the Integrated Delivery Model that Ensures Success - An Owner's Perspective
Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center Master Plan - A New Approach to Master Planning using Design-Build
Small Design-Build Projects: Achieving Benefits Below $10 Million
Small Projects & Design-Build
Solving Multiple Owner's Issues on an Industrial Wastewater Project
Squeezed and Burned - Design-Build's Role in the Development of a New Solids Processing System at the Fort Meade Maryland Wastewater Treatment Plant
SR 520 Floating Bridge and Landings Project - Owner/Builder Collaboration for Success
SR 520 In-Line Transit Stations - Early Team Engagement Delivers Results
Stabilizing an Active and Deep Slope Failure with Design-Build
Standard Form of Contract for Progressive Design-Build
Standard Form of Contract for Progressive Design-Build
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - Efficiency and Success Through Collaboration (I-81 Truck Climbing Lanes-VDOT- Montgomery County, VA)
Statewide Teamwork, Lessons Learned from Safe & Sound
Staying Creative Within the Box: Commending Jacksonville's New SouthBank Riverwalk
Success with City of Everett's First Design-Build Projects
Success with Design-Build at the U.S. Southern Command
Successes of the DBFOM Wastewater Treatment Plant Project in Regina, Saskatchewan
Successful Partnership between the US Navy, Contractor and Designer for Pier 12 Replacement (Intermediate)
Successful Transfer of Responsibilities from Owner to the DBFOM Partner, Regina WWTP
SunRail: Delivering Central Florida's First Commuter Rail through Alternative Contracting
Super Ambitious & Super Performing: Design-Build at UCCS
Surf's Up in Carlsbad, California's First Seawater Desalination Project Rolls in: The San Diego County Water Authority's Perspective
Sustainable Bio-Methane Fuels Pima County's Future
Tailoring Design-Build Delivery to Meet the Needs of Small to Mid-Sized Capital Projects (Intermediate)
Teamwork on Monroe Bypass: Tested, Tried, and True
Teamwork: A True Partnership in Developing Vermont's Design-Build Program
Ten Operational Strategies to Make Your Design-Build Project More Successful
The Bertschi School Living Science Building - A Built Case Study on Integration and Innovation
The Drive to Design Excellence in Design-Build: Competition to Design Excellence Delivered
The Evolution of Nordstrom Facades via Design-Assist Collaboration
The Facts About Public Private Partnerships - Are They Appropriate for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure?
The Facts About Public Private Partnerships - Are They Appropriate for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure?
The Flexible and Responsive Project: Seizing Funding, Collaboration and Technology Opportunities
The Four Key Strategies of Design Excellence in Design-Build
The Goethals Bridge Replacement Project
The Integrated Project Leader: The Secret Ingredient in Design-Build Done Right!
The Latest in Design-Build Caselaw: What Does it Say About Design-Build Being Done Right?
The New NY Bridge Project
The New, Upcoming DBIA Contract Forms
The Owner's Role in Executing Water and Wastewater Design-Build Projects
The Path Forward for DBIA: A Member-Only Q&A on our Strategic Direction
The Power of People Performance: Delivering Value Beyond Expectations
The Risky Business of Right of Way Acquisition - Are You Saving Money and at What Cost?
The Role of the Owner's Rep / Advisor in Design-Build
The Social Network of Integrative Design
The Team Approach to Design Build - Ranney Station Water Treatment Plant
The US Military Academy's Largest Design Build Project: A $198 M Success Story
The Value of Integrated Delivery for Complex Linear Pipeline Projects for Owners and Practitioners
The Women of Design-Build: Gaining Ground in Leadership Positions
There's Got to be a Better Way: Lawsuit Leads to First Design-Build (Intermediate)
Third-Party Contracting and Public/Private Collaboration Open the Door to Design-Build in Quincy
Transparent RAT PAC - Program/Project "Risk Assessment Team"
Transportation Practitioners Forum on Post Award
Trust + Collaboration: An Essential Partnership for a Design-Build Transit Project (Advanced)
Turning the Lights On - Insights on MDOT's Freeway Street Lighting P3
Twin Oaks Valley Water Treatment Plant - Status on a Successful DBO Project
Two Major Design-Build-Operate Projects Part Way into the "O" Phase - Have They Met Objectives? (Advanced)
TxDOT's Programmatic "Quality Assurance Program for Design-Build Projects and Implementation Guide"
Understanding and Managing Organizational Conflicts of Interest In Design-Build and P3 Proposals (Intermediate)
Understanding the New DBIA Code of Conduct
USACE Clauses for Design-Build Construction Clauses
Use of Progressive Design-Build to Deliver Infrastructure Upgrades to a Class-1 Freight Corridor
Using a True Partnership to Meet Operational, Construction and Environmental Challenges - Wilsonville WWTP O/DBO (Intermediate)
Using Alternative Project Delivery to Successfully Deliver Transportation Mega Projects (Advanced)
Using Availability Payments for Social and Transportation Infrastructure Projects
Using BIM to Achieve Early Team Integration
Using Design-Build Best Practices to Achieve Success on the Akutan Airport Project (Intermediate)
Using Design-Build to Identify Innovative Solutions for the Arthur H. Bridge Water Treatment Plant (Intermediate)
Using Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain (P3) to Secure San Antonio's Water Future
Using Progressive Design-Build to Plan, Fund, Design, Procure and Construct the $106M Water and Reclamation Systems for Davie, Florida
Utilities Relocation and ROW Acquisition as Part of the Design-Buld Contract
Utilizing Design-Build to Maximize Return on Investment
Utilizing Progressive Design-Build to Promote Collaboration and Innovation to Deliver Best Value
Value for Money Analysis: Choosing the Best Project Delivery Method (Intermediate)
Warranties: Ensuring Performance After Project Completion
Water/Wastewater Practitioners' Forum
We Worked it Out! Use Collaborative Processes and Technology Successfully
Welcome from the Mayor of Charlotte, Jennifer Watson Roberts and Opening Keynote: How Charlotte Water Uses Design-Build Delivery - Past, Present and Future
What Owners Have to Say About Design-Build Projects - The Results of 2012 Water Design-Build Council Customer Satisfaction Survey
When the Unexpected Happens an Excellent Design-Build Team Can Make it Right
Which Standard Form Design-Build Contract is Right for You and Your Project?
Who Says You Cannot Achieve Design Excellence in Design-Build Delivery?
Why Ventura County Medical Center Replacement Hospital Breaks the Mold
Young Professionals Session on Building Your Career in Design-Build
[Cancelled] - Control, Liability, and Change-Orders: Shifting Your Project Risk Profile
[Cancelled] - Design-Build Contract Focus: Standard Forms
[Cancelled] - How to Choose a Delivery Method
[Date Postponed] - Design-Build Contract Focus: Standard Forms
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David Burrus
David Burton
Karrie Buxton
Deidre Buzzetto
Tom Byron
Thomas Byron
Juan Caldenty
Neil Callahan
Williams Callegari
Mary Campbell
Greg Campbell
Vicki Campbell
John Cannon
John Capelli
Evan Caplicki
Mike Carlin
Alex Carlin
John Carlson
Patrick Carr
Anne Carrel
Derek Case
Curtis Castle
Michael Cdoenges
Mike Cecil
John Cevaal
Damon Chandler
Danusha Chandy
David Chapin
Rudolph Chen
Jon Chiglo
Lisa Choplin
Brent Christ
Blake Christian
William Christman
William "BJ" Christman
Scott Churilla
Leofwin Clark
Richard Clarke
Lucas Clary
Joshua Clausen
Steve Clem
Humberto Codispoti
Dan Coffey
Mark Colgan
Algynon Collymore
Thomas Connery
Thomas Connery
James Connolly
Sean Convery
Victoria Cook
Nathan Corbin
Jennifer Cordes
Rob Court
Elizabeth Cousins
Kevin Cowan
Mandy Cox
Debra Coy
Cathleen Crabb
John Crane
Wayne Crew
Chad Critcher
Mark Croft
Jackie Cromwell
Patrick Crosby
Jennifer Cross
Thomas Cross
Cara Crotty
Richard Crow
Bill Crowe
Thomas Cruz
Jose Cuevas
Brian Curtain
Robert Cuthbertson-Black
Joseph Cvetas
Henrik Dahl
Kevin Dalager
Paul Danna
John Dano
Derrick Dasenbrock
Peter Davich
Peter Davich
Michael Davis
Clark Davis
Michael Davis
Brian Day
Brian Day
Eugene de Souza
Mark Deaton
Brandon Dekker
Rick del Monte
Rick del Monte
Chris Delp
Paul Delphos
Mark Demidovich
Peter Denton
Shivaji Deshmukh
Steve DeWitt
Steven DeWitt
Jose Diaz
Steven DiBartolo
Dennis Diemer
Davis Diggs
John Dillingham
Mike DiNapoli
Jim Doersam
John Doller
John Doller
Chad Dorgan
Jackson Dovey
Mort Downey
Harry Drake
Craig Dubler
Paul Dufault
Dave Dulay
Brian Dunbar
Matt Duncan
Sue Dyer
Robert Eckels
Dave Edwards
Jay Edwards
Dave Eichten
Wayne Einbinder
Carl Elefante
William Eliopoulos
Kit Eller
Matt Ellinghaus
Matthew Ellis
Thomas Esch
Alejandro Escobar
Eduardo Espinoza
Jason Estes
Mark Evans
Charbel Farah
Thomas Fellenz
Curtis Fentress
Robert Fergen
Paul Ferrier
Linda Figg
Mark Filanc
Gregory Fischer
Hollye Fisk
Christopher Flagg
Molly Fletcher
Jeffrey Folden
Richard Formella
Mike Forster
Matt Foster
Naz Fouladi
Bryan Franz
Bette Frederick
Brian Freund
Katherine Freund
Tyler Frisby
David Frommer
Angela Fuerst
Angela Fuerst
Torben Fuessle
Jeffrey Fullerton
Mike Funderberg
Norm Gadzinski
Jeff Gagné
Jeff Gagne
Mark Gaines
Ashford Galbreath
Patrick Gallagher
Patrick Gallagher
Patrick Gallegher
Jim Gallegos
Cory Gapstur
Jason Garside
Stephen Gates
Stephen Gates
Stephen Gates
Stephen Gates
Stephen Gates
Timothy Gattie
John Giachino
Greg Gidez
Gregory Gidez
Gregory Gidez
Greg Gidez
Tadd Giesbrecht
Bill Gilman
Eric Gilmore
Craig Giordano
Matt Girard
Joseph Giunta
Rebekah Gladson
Joseph Glicker
Ahmed Gokturk
Gary Golden
Diana Gomez
Carolyn Gonot
Jeff Goodale
Amanda Goolsby
Anne Gorham
Ryan Gorman
Kevin Graf
Doug Gransberg
Damon Gray
Lindsey Gray
Tim Graybeal
Fred Green
William Green
William O. Green
Thom Greving
David Grey
Michael Grey
Michael Gritzuk
Colin Groff
Colin Groff
Colin Groff
Pamela Grover
Wynne Grubbs
Jessica Guerrette
Charles Gullakson
Barry Gullet
Aaron Guyette
Michael Gwynne
Brian Hagerich
Valexia Hall
Peter Halls
Ted Hamer
Terry Hammerwold
Slavica Hammond
Timotheus Hampton
Jeffrey Han
Michael Hancock
David Hannon
Barrett Hansen
Patrick Harder
Kevin Hardy
Brian Harnetiaux
James Harper
Wylie Harper
Esther Harrah
John Harris
Howard Harris, Jr
Louis Harrison
Pat Harrison
David Harwood
William Hasbrook
Scott Haskins
Chip Hastie
Miles Haupt
George Hawkins
John Haynes
Robert Hays
Darren Hazlett
Karen Hedlund
Andy Heekin
Richard Hefti
Brandon Heidelberger
Gerry Hein
Mike Helton
Jim Hemberry
Jonathan Henderson
Douglas Herbst
Doug Herbst
Everette Herndon, Jr.
Teresa Herrera
Dennis Herring
David Herzog
Brian Hess
John Hickenlooper
Chris Hickman
Jay Hietpas
William Hixon
Diana Hoag
Lisa Hodgson
Christopher Hoenig
Andrew Hoenig
Joel Hoffman
Kimberly Holland
Jeremy Hollingsworth
Joanna Horsnail
Kip Hritzuk
Alan Hucaby
Andrew Huck
Rex Huffman
Peter Hughes
Peter Hughes
Scott Humrickhouse
Steve Hunt
David Hunt
Wayne Hunter
Larry Hurley
Bruce Husselbee
Tom Hutchinson
Mike Hutchison
David Huter
Julie Huval
Sandra Ichiho
Jack Ingram
Mike Ingram
Saeid Izadpanah
Gene Jackson
Charles E. Jackson
Barbara Jackson
Lynn Jacobs
Steve Janosko
Evan Jansen
Jacqueline Jarrell
David Jarrell
Jim Jarrettt
Jackson Jenkins
Price Jepsen
Brian Johanning
Lawrence Johnson
Bradford Johnson
Bruce Johnson
Rodney Johnson
Michael Johnson
John Johnson
Gary Johnson
Todd Johnson
Roger Johnson
Michael Jones
Brett Jones
Chip Jones
David Jones
Bronwyn Jones
Steve Jones
Blair Jost
Richard Juliano
Craig Justesen
Eric Kahlig
Ashok Kaji
Joe Kantor
Kevin Karaloff
David Kay
Jenica Keller
Kathleen Kellerhouse
Liam Kelly
Elizabeth Kelly
Mark Kelly
Keith Kelly
Greg Kempf
Delora Kerber
Jason Kerns
Marc Kersey
Fredric Kessler
Brian Key
David Kinchen
Wes Kindt
Peter Kinsley
Peter Kinsley
James Kizer, Jr
Sheldon Knapp
Scott Knight
Mary Knosby
Timothy Koch
David Koch
Yukiko Kojima
Michael Kolloway
Mark Konchar
Linda Konrath
Eric Kopinski
Michael Kowalski
Mimi Kronisch
Karen Kubick
Karen Kubick
Praful Kulkarni
Sanjay Kumar
John Kuosman
Pete Kusky
Rob Kuta
Hilda Lafebre
David B. LaFrance
Vincent Lai
Dennis Lambert
Paul Lampley
Randy Landers
Donna Laquidara-Carr
Todd Larson
Duane Launder
Howard Lazarus
Lindsay Leahy
Pete LeClair
Michael Lee
Seth Lehman
Gregory Lehr
Ben Lehr
Robert Leicht
Jason Lemire
Craig Lenhart
Nick Leo
Mike Leonardo
Jeffrey Lerud
David Leverenz
Jim Lewis
Robert Lewis
Marla Lien
Wayne Lindholm
Matt Lindner
Michael Lindquist
Jeremiah Littleton
Jeff Littrell
Peter Loeb
James Loftus
Michael Loulakis
Michael Loulakis
Larry Lu
Phan Luc
Gidti Ludesirishoti
Jeff Lundstrom
Angelique Lyons
David Maas
Virginia Mabry
Gordon MacDonald
Bevan Mace
Rodney Mackey
Jane Madden
Matt Magnasco
Sean Maher
Doug Makosy
Jim Mallorey
Lucas Mallory
Patrick Malone
Tim Maloney
Rich Markey
Cassandra Marshall
Doug Martin
Lou Martinez
Mark Massman
Sameet Master
Chris Matthews
Elizabeth Mayer
Ed Mc Spedon
Virginia McAllister
Brian McCarthy
Art McCluskey
Matt McCormack
Josh McDermott
Jim McDonough
Paul McElroy
Samuel McFall
Ben McGeachy
Travis McGrath
James McKenzie
Tom McKernan
Jason McLauchlin
Daniel McRae
Thomas McVey
Greg Meadows
David Mecham
Dan Mehls
Eric Meister
Eric Mellor
Mitra Memari
Eric Mende
Joey Mendoza
Rich Merrill
Raymond Messer
John Messner
Bob Meyers
Jill Mickelson
Brian Middleton
Joshua Middleton
Michael Miller
Todd Miller
Sam Miller
Patrick Miller
Jeff Mills
Laura Minns
John Moebes
Chuck Moesta
Keith Molenaar
Art Molseed
Greg Monnig
David Moore
Ray Moran
Raymond Moran
Roger Morehead
Norman Morgan
Paul Morgan
Judi Mosqueda
Jim Mueller
Jim Mynott
Jim Mynott
Gaylyn Nakatsuka
Diane Nascimento
Fadi Nassar
Katie Nees
Katherine Nees
David Neitz
Denise Nelson
Keavin Nelson
Pat Nemeth
Geoffrey Neumayr
Geoff Neumayr
Robert Newsom
Thai Nguyen
Steven Nicaise
Brian Nicholas
Emily Nochez
Sean Noonan
Jacqueline Norman
Wayne O'Brien
Susan O'Connell
William O'Neil
Shane O'Nesky
Dustin O'Quinn
John Offen
Eric Olson
Toni Ortiz
Bob Ortiz
Chip Ossman
Dan Osterman
Kristina Owyoung Vinson
Matthew Pacheco
Jim Pagano
Michelle Page
Lou Palandrani
Eric Palmer
Brian Papernik
Adam Paramenter
Robynne Parkinson
Robynne Parkinson
Robynne Parkinson
Robynne Parkinson
Tony Parrott
Shailendra Patel
Shailendra Patel
Shailendra Patel
Steve Patterson
Geoffrey Patton
Jameson Pearson
Kevin Peartree
Jamie Pedler
Owen Peery
Federico Pena
Ed Pensock
Brian Perlberg
Mark Perniconi
Molly Perrigo
Michelle Peters
Eric Petersen
Jill Peterson
Jim Peterson
Eric Peterson
Jason Peterson
Geoff Petrov
Travis Pfeiffer
Paul Phillips
Bryce Pickart
Charles Pifer
Jose Pinto
Henry Pittner
Paul Plotas
Michael Polito
Tom Porter
Michael Potter
Michael Potter
Keith Poulin
Greg Powell
Bob Powers
Stacey Pray
Buddy Pribish
Beverly Prior
James Prouty
Robert Puente
David Pupkiewicz
Mitchell Purcell
Richard Pyle
William Quatman
William Quatman
Hector Quintanilla
Kurt Ramey
Dennis Randolph
Raquel Ranieri
Tom Ratzki
Daniel Rawlins
Thomas Rawls
Carlton Ray
Stephen Reams
Stephen Reams
Dave Reardon
Robert Reaugh
Rob Reaugh
J.R. Reavis
Jodi Rebarchek
Karl Reichelt
William Reifsteck II
Gary Reynolds
Patricia Rhee
Scott Rhine
Kyle Rhorer
Randy Richardson
Mike Rief
Brad Rinzler
Larry Ritchie
David Riz
William Roberds
Ashley Roberts
Stephen Roberts
Susan Roberts
Al Roberts
Cheryl Robitzch
Cheryl Robitzsch
Jeffrey Roby
Charlie Rocheleau
Rodger Rochelle
Rodger Rochelle
Adhamina Rodriguez
Nick Rodzianko
Daniel Roeger
James Roessling
Glenn Rohloff
Karl Rohrer
Kirk Rose
Tim Rose
Adrienne Rosebaum
Vic Rosen
Matt Ross
Mark Rothman
Cal Rozario
Zigmund Rubel
Ken Rubin
Carlos Rubinstein
Michael Russell
Rob Rutherford
Tom Rutherford
Christine Ryan
Lan Saadatnejadi
Fidel Saenz de Ormijana
Jim Salerno
Victor Sanvido
Victor Sanvido
Jenina Saphara
Mark Sarkisian
Steve Saye
Amy Scales
Jason Schaefer
Armin Schemmann
Mark Scholfield
Peter Schuler
Bob Schulz
Todd Schurig
Philip Schwab
David Schwartz
David Schwartz
Kevin Scott
Sidney Scott
Phil Scwab
Harry Seekings
Geof Segal
Joe Jeffrey Seiders, Jr.
Wesley Self
Rana Severs
Kam Shadan
Harry Shaposka
Adrian Share
Tony Sharkins
Ronald Shaw
Jason Sheck
Darren Shelby
David Shelton
David Shelton
Ted Shepard
Phil Sheridan
Phil Sheridan
Robert Shmerling
Pramen Shresteha
Gary Silverman
David Simmons
Mark Sindell
Jo Ellen Sines
Keith Skinner
Lloyd Slezak
John Sloggy
Michael Smelker
Bob Smith
Roger Smith
Roger Smith
Dustin Smith
Ken Smith
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith
Lindsay Smith
Christopher Smith
Lee Smither
John Smolen
Michael Soller
Mike Soller
Amir Soltani
Matthew Somerton
Susan Sorenson
Lisa Sowder
George Spakouris
Brian Sparks
John Speed
Thomas Spoth
Randall Sprague
David Springer
Steve Sprouffske
Chris Stack
Steve Stagner
Richard Stahr
Derek Stark
Jim Stark
Steve Steckler
Charlie Stein
Ed Stelter
Matt Sterling
Linda Stewart
B.E. "Eddie" Stewart
Todd Stine
Brian Stitt
Holly Streeter-Schaefer
Kelly Strong
Phil Sudol
Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III
Kevin Sullivan
Joseph Sullivan
Tim Suydam
Richard Svindland
Darrin Sweeney
Shannon Sweitzer
Hamid Tabassian
Greg Tadd
JJ Tang
Pat Tangora
Patricia Tangora
John Tapping
Danny Taylor
Todd Temple
Secretary Nick Tennyson
Jill Teplin
Joe Theismann
Kevin Thibault
Gregg Thielman
Richard Thomas
Nicholas Thomas
Rick Thomas
Van Thompson
Shawn Thompson
Kurt Thorson
Brian Thorsvold
Eli Tilen
David Timmermann
Bruce Tobey
John Tocci, Jr.
Donald Toner, Jr.
Steven Torres
Jim Triplett
Eric Trupiano
David Tullis
Ankur Tulwar
Peter Tunnicliffe
Mike Turner
Troy Tusup
Hannah Ubl
Matt Ulliman
David Umstot
Craig Unger
Nancy Usrey
Albert Valdivia
Pieter Van Rye
Scott Vanier
Sean Vannoy
Erika Vardaxis
Mario Vasquez
Chris Vaught
Karen Vegas
Jackie Veilleux
Kodi Verhalen
Marco Vidali
Lloyd Voges
Emil Voges
Doug Wachsnicht
Barbara Wagner
Stephanie Wagner
Richard Wagner
April Walker
Paul Walker
Jamey Wallace
James Waller
Tricia Walsh
Kenyon Warbritton
Rick Warner
Lisa Washington
Michael Watry
Kenneth Watson
David Watt
Brandon Watts
Ken Weaver
Kenneth Weaver
Wellington Webb
Ken Weinberg
Amanda West
Teno West
Paul Westerheid
Jim Whitaker
Aaron White
Marc Whitmore
Phillip Wild
Ben Wilking
Jacob Williams
Ronald Williams
Chuck Williams
Jacob Williams
R. Craig Williams
Josh Williamson
Denton Wilson
Thad Wilson
Lester Wimpy
Joe Wingerter
Robert Winner
Gary Winsper
Michael Winters
Erika Winters-Downey
Steve Wirtel
James Wolfe
Steven Wong
Scott Woodard
Chris Woodruff
Catherine Woodworth
Brock Wortman
Edward Wundram
Edward Wundram
David Yager
Geoff Yarema
Glenn Yokotake
Russell Zapalac
Sarah Zdarko
Katheryn Zeeb
Scott Zimmer
Matthew Zundel
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