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Hyunhee Kim, MA

I am currently studying at the Pennsylvania State University as a fellowship. Up until now I have had the fortunate opportunity to counsel children, adolescents, college students, and adults in different settings. While providing counseling to at-risk adolescents in Korea, I noticed a uniquely strong bond between parents and their children, which led me to conclude that attention to parents’ mental health is primary in an intervention. Therefore, I joined SK Energy, the top oil company in Korea, as the director of Harmonia Counseling & Coaching Center. My responsibilities went beyond traditional counseling and I was often asked to respond to the needs of the employees anxious about the growing instability of the employment market. Actually, the level of Korean employees’ stress is considered the highest among the OECD nations. Their anxiety, which often leads to family conflicts and pressure for high academic achievement, inevitably burdens their children. Sadly, the suicide rate for Korean adolescents ranks the top among OECD nations.     [ Click for More ]

Pennsylvania State University

Doctoral student