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Jen Y. Molnar, MSW

Ms. Jen Molnar, MSW, LISW grew up in the fertile horticultural beds of a Kentucky farm. She has practiced social work for over 30 years. She received her BA in Social Work from the University of Kentucky. Initially working in child welfare, she enhanced her practice by training in family therapy and chemical dependency. Ms. Molnar continued to further her studies in a select program at the Ohio State University by completing a dual Master's degree in Social Work and Public Administration. Her passion for plants began to entwine with her compassion for people and she pursued and obtained her Horticulture Therapy certification at the University of Cincinnati in 2004. She has provided therapeutic horticulture in a variety of settings: Cincinnati public schools, assisted living facilities for seniors, an outpatient mental health clinic, and an urban residential chemical dependency program. Ms. Molnar was the keynote speaker at the Michigan Horticulture Therapy conference in 2012. She continues to grow by participating in horticulture therapy conferences and mental health Ms Molnar presently is integrating horticulture therapy with 12 step programs in an urban residential chemical dependency program for women.     [ Click for More ]