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Rosina Mete

Rosina Mete is completing her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Niagara University, located in Lewiston, New York. She previously earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada where her undergraduate thesis focused on the topic of emotional and academic adjustment in first year college students. Her current research interests are the assessment, prevention and intervention of bullying at the post-secondary level as well as suicide prevention and intervention techniques for the same population. Rosina also has extensive experience in both academic and health related research investigating best-evidence practices and presenting relevant findings. Presently, Rosina and her colleague Elizabeth Kinan have developed a modified version of a needs assessment to examine and analyze the campus climate at a post-secondary institution in Western New York. Utilizing the assessment, their research will determine the perceived level of student safety via incidences of harassment, bullying and hazing, which will later suggest ways to promote a positive campus environment.     [ Click for More ]