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Keely Hope, PhD

Dr. Keely Hope is an Assistant Professor of Mental Health Counseling and Program Director of Counselor Education in the Psychology Department at Eastern Washington University. Professionally, her background includes working with acute and severe mental health issues in the indigent and homeless population as well as in a college-counseling center. She is licensed in three states including Washington.  One of her favorite aspects of education is supervising her students’ clinical experiences; from first year student’s just learning to second year’s coming into their own.  Dr. Hope's research interests originated in her early working experiences, which include studying crisis response and intervention and specializing in suicide prevention by understanding a person's reasons for living.  Most of her current work is based in attachment theory as she believes that the early relationships shape how people see themselves and relate to others through the lifespan.  She is published on these topics and continues to pursue this line of research to understand more.     [ Click for More ]

Eastern Washington University

Assistant Professor and Program Director