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Joanne Jodry, EdD

Joanne Jodry, Ed. D, DMH, LPC, NCC, ACS is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor and Approved Clinical Supervisor.   She is a Specialist Professor at Monmouth University, with areas of expertise in feminist theory in counseling and the interaction of spirituality in the counseling process.  She holds two doctorates: Counselor Education and Supervision from Argosy, Sarasota, Fl., and a Medical Humanities from Drew University, Madison, NJ. In addition, areas of publications and research for Dr. Jodry include how Spirituality, World Religions and Feminism interplay with counseling, the counselor and the therapeutic process.  Some publications include: A Call to the Profession: Incorporating Feminist Competencies into Professional Counseling; The Personal is political: Using feminist theory as a model of career and employment counseling; Educating Counselors/Teachers to work Effectively within  Diverse World Religions; Teachers, Counselors, Administrators & Countertransference: Bridging the Gaps between Psychology and Education; Why do I believe in God or not: How one forms his/her Image of God and Fights to Prove it Right.     [ Click for More ]