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Melia A. Kizer, MA

Melia Kizer, MA, LPC, LCAS-A, NCC is a second-year doctoral student in counseling at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She has worked as a counselor in agency, integrative care, and private practice settings. Following completion of her studies, Melia looks forward to an engaging career as a counselor educator and supervisor. In 2012, she was an instructor for the course Advanced Multicultural Counseling, which took Master’s level counseling students from a CACREP program in the Southeast to Bolivia, South America for a short-term study abroad experience. In her education session, Blogging in Bolivia: A Pilot Project to Support Individual and Group Processing, Melia looks forward to sharing more about this transformative learning experience. In addition to experiential and immersion-based learning, Melia’s professional interests include counselor wellness, creativity in counseling, and social justice advocacy.