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Wenndy N. Dupkoski, MS

Wynn Dupkoski is a doctoral student at the University of South Carolina and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in both North Carolina and South Carolina specializing in two populations-adolescents with borderline personality disorder and sexuality/sexual behavior in adolescents. She has provided school-based mental health services in North Carolina and residential treatment for girls with sexual aggression and girls with self-injurious and suicidal behaviors in South Carolina. Wynn is currently the lead clinician in a Dialectical Behavior Therapy immersion residential program, where she provides training and supervision to other counselors and interns from Masters level mental health training programs. Her research in her doctoral work has focused on sexuality training in counselor education programs, and she is currently actively involved in expanding counselor interest in sexual wellness in counseling through advocating the development of an ACA interest network and a state chapter of ALGBTIC in South Carolina.     [ Click for More ]