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Norma L. Day-Vines, PhD

Norma L. Day-Vines is Professor of Counseling and Human Development in the Counseling and Human Development Program at Johns Hopkins University. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her Master’s degree in Guidance and Personnel Services from North Carolina State University. Dr. Day-Vines has nearly 20 years of faculty experience. She has published widely on counseling strategies for working more effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse children and adolescents, with a special emphasis on African American youngsters. She developed the Continuum of Broaching Behavior, a conceptual framework for examining how counselors explore the contextual dimensions of race, ethnicity, and culture with their clients. More recently, she operationalized the Continuum of Broaching Behaviors using the Broaching Attitudes and Behavior Survey (BABS). Dr. Day-Vines has also worked with a collaborative team of researchers to examine the impact of school counselors and school counseling programs on student academic outcomes and college decisions using large national longitudinal datasets.     [ Click for More ]

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