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Arlene Malone, BS

Arlene Malone is a Graduate Student in the School of Psychology & Counseling at Regent University where she is pursuing her Master’s degree in Community Counseling. She is currently serving as a counselor intern in Hampton, Virginia, where she co-leads psycho-educational groups for adult survivors of childhood abuse and provides individual mental health counseling to children and adults suffering from traumatic life experiences. Arlene is actively engaged in research regarding the impact of trauma-induced stressors on military service members and their families. She was raised by military parents (Army and Navy), and served a five-year active duty tour and one-year tour as a reservist with the United States Navy. Arlene also married a Navy seaman, thus her experiences with the military encompasses many facets of military culture. Her other research interests include African-American issues in mental health counseling, underutilization of mental health services by ethnic minorities, and the impact of forgiveness on emotional well-being.     [ Click for More ]