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Cindy Boyle, MA

Cindy R. Boyle is an Iowa State Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. Cindy became interested in working with families with autistic spectrum disorders while obtaining her MA, during which time her ex-husband was diagnosed with Asperger's. During her internship she worked with families with children with ASD symptoms. She developed and implemented group experiences highlighting the unique interests and skills of these children, while at the same time challenging them to deal with problematic symptoms. Cindy is also the parent of a 9 year old son who experiences some of the "shadow" symptoms of ASD which are more defined in his father, so she has a unique perspective as spouse, mother, and professional counselor and advocate for families dealing with ASD symptoms. Cindy currently maintains a private practice in which she continues her counseling work utilizing play therapy, animal assisted therapy, and a variety of creative, strength based techniques to work with children, adults and families dealing with ASD issues.     [ Click for More ]