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Jane M. Webber, PhD

Jane M. Webber, PhD, LPC is an international advocate for disaster and trauma counseling and a NJ licensed Disaster Response Crisis Counselor. She has conducted over 200 presentations on counseling with more than 80 workshops on trauma, disaster, and sand tray therapy. Dr. Webber was a member of the Advisory Committee that created the new 2009 CACREP disaster, trauma, and crisis standards. She is a Lecturer in Counselor Education at Kean University and a New Jersey Licensed Professional Counselor. Dr. Webber coordinates the Disaster Mental Health Counseling Learning Institute at the American Counseling Association Conference, and serves on the ACA Trauma Interest Network Leadership Board. She has held numerous leadership positions nationally and regionally including ACA North Atlantic Region Chair, ACA Foundation Chair, and New Jersey Counseling Association President. Dr. Webber has written extensively on disaster and trauma counseling, as well as school counseling. She is coeditor of the fourth edition of the ACA Foundation book, Disaster Mental Health Counseling: A Guide to Preparing and Responding, formerly titled Terrorism, Trauma, and Tragedies: A Counselor’s Guide to Preparing and Responding.     [ Click for More ]

Kean Universersity

Lecturer, Counselor Education


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12038 - The Power of Sand Tray Therapy: Creative Techniques for Therapeutic Disclosure, Mastery, and Healing 
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10 Results Found, Showing 1 - 10