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12008 - CPR Therapy: Choice Processing and Resolution Bringing Abortion After-Care into the 21st Century 
March 21, 2012   9:00am - 4:30pm
Total Credits:
6.00 CH  
  Audio / Video / Slides

CPR Therapy is the first therapy model professionals can use to help clients process grief after a voluntary pregnancy termination. This LI will help therapists understand why they should implement choice processing and resolution in their practice. Almost 40 years after its legalization, abortion is a household word in our culture. Disenfranchised grief over a voluntary pregnancy termination can affect therapy outcomes. The presenter herself walked out abortion grief personally and presents the subject with complete compassion and neutrality for anyone in the audience. She gracefully sheds new light on a very emotionally charged subject for our culture. CPR Therapy opens up a whole new avenue of clientele for professionals.


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