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Thank you for visiting the ACA Online Learning library! We are currently in the process of upgrading to a new and improved platform!! Going forward, you can access the new ACA Professional Development Center at

The migration process will start on July 11, 2017. You will be receiving an email notification from ACA informing you that your account has been migrated over to our new platform. If you do not receive this email by July 25, 2017, please check your spam folder.

Due to the migration to our new platform, you will be unable to purchase any new content or CEs in the old library. Once the migration is complete, and you have received confirmation of your account being migrated, you will be able to purchase all the content and CEs on the new platform.

Note: ACA 2017 Conference & Expo evaluations must be completed here on our old platform. If you completed your evaluation prior to July 11, 2017, it will show in the new platform, once your CE information has been migrated. Remember, you will receive an email from us letting you know when your new account is ready for use.

It may take up to 48 hours for your CE information to transfer after the migration. If you do not see your information in the “My Account” section by July 25th, please reach out to ACA Member Services at the number listed below for assistance.

Please note that any content you currently own, and any CEs you have previously completed from the old library will be migrated over to our new platform: the ACA Professional Development Center. If you have any questions or experience any technical difficulties during this migration process, please contact the ACA Member Services team at, or 703-823-9800 (Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-6:00 pm ET).

We appreciate your patience during this important transition. Have a nice day!

ACA 2017 Conference & Exposition