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Warren Hennagin, CPA, MS-Tax, CCIFP CGMA, Managing Director

He is the managing director at Glenn M. Gelman & Associates, one of the fastest growing business
consulting and certified public accounting firms in Southern California.

His expertise as a management and computer consultant, as well as his experience in accounting and
taxation, has earned him an outstanding reputation, particularly within the construction industry. In
fact, in 1995, Construction Link Magazine named him “Best Accountant” in the construction industry.
In 2002, the American Subcontractors Associated named him “Construction Innovator of the Year.”
Mr. Hennagin is an accomplished speaker and writer on computer technology, accounting and tax
issues. He is a contributing editor of CPA Construction Niche Builder and Journal of Construction
Accounting & Taxation. He has been published frequently in industry materials.

Mr. Hennagin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration with concentrations in
accounting and management information systems from California State University at Fullerton in 1984.     [ Click for More ]

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