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Michael D. Williams, President & CEO, CCI Surety, Inc.

Michael D. Williams is President of CCI Surety, Inc. (CCI), a managing general underwriting company with significant levels of underwriting authority for several corporate surety companies with the ability to underwrite nationwide and utilizing many different tools to approve hard-to-place, non-standard, challenged contractor accounts that include U.S. SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program, collateral, funds control, bond backs, and third party indemnity. He is also President of North American Construction Services, Inc. (NACS), a nationwide surety and non-surety funds control/escrow company incorporated in 1991. In 2012, he received the US Surety Bond Guarantee National Surety Bond Producer of the Year award.

Michael is also an active member of the National Association of Surety Bond Producer’s (NASBP’s) Small and Emerging Business Committee and was a contributor to the recently released online program, “Understanding Contract Surety Bonding: An Orientation Course for Small Contractors.     [ Click for More ]