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Chris Mather, Construction Claims Consultant, Construction Solutions International, LLC

Christopher J. Mather, is Managing Director of Construction Solutions International, LLC in Devon, Pennsylvania where he specializes in providing commercial and contract advisory services and the prevention and mitigation of operational loss advisory services. Chris consults for a variety of clients in the construction industry and has been retained by Owners, GCs, Subcontractors and Vendors to advise them on how to mitigate and assess all additional costs to be claimed. Some of the projects Chris has been involved with, both domestically and internationally, include the risk mitigation and handling of dispute matters involving Airports, BHS & Conveyor Systems, Prisons, manufacture of Railcars, Government Disputes at both the Federal & State level, Paint Shops, Hospitals, Court Houses, Shipbuilding, Missile Production and Aircraft Refurbishment, Schools, Refinery Upgrades, Power Plants, WWTP, Dam & Irrigation Systems, Commercial Buildings, Highways, Hotels and Office complexes.

Chris graduated from the Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree (with Distinction).     [ Click for More ]