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Kevin Schlueter

Kevin Schlueter, CCIFP is a founding partner of Proxymity, a strategic property planning firm based out of Des Moines, IA. Proxymity helps organizations turn the way they use property and the money they spend on it into a competitive advantage.

Kevin began his career as a CPA more than 25 years ago. After five years, he entered into the real estate industry, working in finance and operations roles for a number of national construction and development companies.

After 20 years working on the side of the industry, Kevin observed the disconnect between the knowledge and resources the real estate industry possessed and the value that business (the property users) received. He created Proxymity to help businesses understand how to align the money they spend on property with the strategies they are working to deploy.

A member of CFMA for nearly 20 years, Kevin has served as national Chairman of the organization and is a member of the Iowa Chapter.

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