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Victor Marshall

Victor Marshall, CCIFP, CISA, is currently a partner with Leveraged Resources, LLC, a consulting firm that works with leaders and managers in construction companies to help them find “Pathways to Business and Personal Success” through a focus on strategic and operational planning as well as providing assistance in all aspects of construction financial management and information technology.

With more than 30 years of construction industry experience in a variety of disciplines, Vic has been recognized by his peers as a key contributor in the construction business management arena. He is an author, teacher, and speaker on a variety of topics of interest to the industry.

A longtime member of CFMA, he has previously authored for CFMA Building Profits and participates at the local, regional, and national levels of CFMA. Vic is a recipient of the 1998 Debra Hahn Memorial Award and currently serves on CFMA’s Publications Committee.

Leveraged Resources, LLC