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Marilyn Klinger

Marilyn Klinger, Chair Emeritus of Sedgwick’s Construction Practices Group, is involved in all aspects of construction law, representing the full spectrum of the construction industry, from owners, contractors, subcontractors, and sureties. 

Her practice includes time-related claims (e.g., delay/impact), legal advice regarding the contracting process (e.g., bidding and contract disputes/performance bond claims), payment enforcement/defense (e.g., payment bonds/mechanics liens/stop payment notices), administrative and scope issues (e.g., differing site conditions, changed and extra work/inadequate design, and subcontractor substitutions), and transactional services (e.g., including contract preparation, evaluation, and negotiation).
In addition, Marilyn has extensive experience in dispute resolution including litigation, trial, appeals, arbitration, and mediation.

Sedgwick LLP

Chair Emeritus Construction Practices Group