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Grace Gandarilla, CF Jordan Construction

Grace Gandarilla has over five years’ experience in General Industry and six years’ experience in General Construction Safety. She has been with C.F. Jordan for four years and has helped in the development and implementation of various safety and risk management programs to further the company’s success. Her duties and responsibilities as a Risk & Safety Manager are directing the risk/safety management functions, including safety management systems, quality, wellness initiatives, insurance, and litigation. She also monitors all of C.F. Jordan jobsites and ensures her staff assists all project field personnel in being in compliance with all safety and environmental local, state, and federal regulations, including OSHA, DOT, and EPA. She is the corporate representative for all local, state, and federal issues. Grace works closely with the project management team, owners, insurance carriers, subcontractors, and all governing agencies to ensure C.F. Jordan projects are in compliance and achieving the overall goal.     [ Click for More ]