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Linda Conrad, Risk Engineering Consultant Zurich

Linda Conrad is a Risk Engineering Consultant for Zurich, where she coordinates the account management and risk consulting services to international and domestic corporations, including financial institutions, contractors, engineers, exporters, wholesalers/retailers, hotels, and not-for-profit organizations. Her emphasis is on Web-based tools and training, enterprise risk management and project coordination, audit and regulatory compliance, fraud and embezzlement prevention, business contingency planning, security policy analysis, and E-risk.

Linda previously served as the Assistant Vice President of Barclays Bank PLC and Australia New Zealand Bank. A speaker for the Society of Women Engineers and the FDIC, she has published articles on warehouse safety management, workers' compensation cost control, E-risk management, and emergency preparedness.

Linda is a graduate of the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland, and has degrees in International Economics from the University of Geneva, Policy and Management from Dickinson College, and a Masters of Business Administration from Temple University.     [ Click for More ]