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B2E - Health Care for Contractors - Where We Are & Where We Are Headed ENCORE 
July 1, 2015   8:45am - 10:00am

Construction is a labor-intensive industry and is facing a significant shortage of current and future skilled workers. Progressive companies understand human capital is an asset to be leveraged and a risk to be managed. Management in construction continues to evolve from traditional human resources to a talent management model. Employee, supervisory, and leadership development is a bridge that leads to effective human capital risk management.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the key trends in health care and their impact to contractors and the construction industry.
  • Identify and discuss the trends – and debunk the myths – surrounding health exchanges (both public and private).
  • Define the areas of signficant change for contractors – and associated forecasted cost impact – in the health care employee benefits offering.
  • Detail best practices on managing the spend through tactical and real-world initiatives: wellness programs, narrow networks, etc.
  • Identify the primary areas of financial exposures for self-funded health plans (and those considering self-funded platforms)

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