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S3 - GCs & Subcontractors: Can't We Be Friends? Part II: Win-Win Contract Clause Negotiations 
June 30, 2015   2:45pm - 4:25pm
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In this program, troublesome construction contract clauses will be examined and potential solutions addressed by a panel of industry members representing GCs and major subcontractors. The program will focus on a range of potential compromise solutions to the troublesome clauses, and provide practical tips to expedite a “win-win” resolution for the parties involved. Open discussion among panel members and audience participants will be encouraged.

Learning Objectives:
  • Address troublesome construction contract clauses on the front end of projects.
  • Arrive at effective solutions to troublesome construction contract clauses.
  • Place parties to construction contracts in a “win-win” situation when addressing troublesome construction contract clauses.
  • Engage in robust dialogue among panel members and audience participants to obtain advice and anecdotal information.

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