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DPG5 - Medium-Firm CFO Roundtable Discussions 
June 30, 2015   7:00am - 9:15am
  Synced Audio / Video / Slides

Following a brief presentation on “Connectivity: Managing Employer/Employee Expectations,” join your peers for thought-provoking roundtable discussions about this hot topic among contractors of your size. Specific discussions to include:
  • Connectivity: Managing Employer/Employee Expectations
  • Constant connectivity, affecting how & when work gets done
  • Work/life balance & connectivity expectations – during vacation, PTO, after hours, flex-time
  • When (and how) to “shut down” and disconnect
  • Policies to manage expectations
  • Effect on employee retention

New this year to the Mid-Size Roundtable will be an “Open Forum” period after the Connectivity discussion where you can bring your specific issues of concern to your peers for discussion. This session is intended for the CFOs/financial management staff of contractors with revenues of $25-100M.

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