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MC2 - Contractual Risk Transfer for Contractors 
June 7, 2014   8:00am - 5:00pm

The session archive has not been made available at the request of the presenter.

Construction contracts can be either valuable tools or deadly traps. Unfortunately, many contractors routinely accept onerous contractual provisions (often without noticing them). This blind acceptance of risk exposes contractors to potentially catastrophic losses.

Based on the IRMI Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS) curriculum, this course will enable you to:

• Discuss key risk transfer provisions in construction contracts
• Propose suggestions for modifying problematic clauses
• Identify potential gaps between a contractor’s liabilities and its coverage
• Implement tactics that will enable you to shift away risk
• Efficiently and effectively hack through the indemnification jungle
• Employ techniques to utilize your lawyer effectively

Attendees will leave this mini-conference well prepared for the corresponding exam for CRIS certification.

Sponsored by: IRMI

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