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L4 - Be in the Know with FASB's Private Company Council Chairman Billy Atkinson's PCC Roundup/This Just In - Revenue Recognition Standard Released by FASB/IASB 
June 10, 2014   2:15pm - 3:55pm
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Join us in welcoming Billy M. Atkinson, Private Company Council (PCC) Chairman (and past chairman of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) from 2009-10), as he dives into recent efforts of the PCC to change current GAAP to simplify the accounting for private companies. Including a Q&A session, participants will spend time with Billy to provide feedback and gain an understanding of current and in-process PCC activities covering:
  • Goodwill amortization and impairment
  • Interest rate swap accounting
  • Intangible assets recognized in a business combination
  • Applying variable interest entity guidance to common control leasing arrangements

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