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S3 - It's Not Just Drywall: The Effects of Product Recall on Your Construction Project 
June 30, 2010   8:30am - 10:30am

In our global economy, construction materials are available from many countries at very competitive costs. During the protracted building boom after 2001, when the price of building materi­als soared and global demand was at an all time high, building products from Asia entered the American mainstream, including drywall. Now, punitive class action lawsuits have been filed across several states that allege certain drywall products that were manufactured in China contain toxic levels of sulfur and sulfide gases. These lawsuits have named the manufacturer of the drywall products, as well as, the builders, contractors, and distributors who handled and installed the materials. This program will look at:

  • The ramifications of product recall on a construction project
  • Time and money invested
  • A company's reputation
  • Business continuity

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